Is We Were Here Forever Split-Screen?

We Were Here Forever is the fourth installment in Total Mayhem Games’ co-operative puzzle-solving game series “We Were Here”.

Before this, all the previous games of this series did not have the feature of Split-Screen. So, people are excited to know whether “We Were Here Forever” has Split-Screen or not.

It is not necessary to have played previous games in order to enjoy this game. You can directly play this game with your friends. Can you play this game with your friends in Split-Screen mode? Let’s discuss it.

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Is We Were Here Forever Split-Screen?

One of the biggest disappointments of this game is that it does not support Split-Screen. If you want to play “We Were Here Forever” with your friend, then you both have to play this game on different platforms as there is no Split-Screen functionality for this game, you can’t Split-Screen on one platform.

We Were Here Forever Gameplay

This game allows you to explore the game world and solve numerous puzzles that demand collaboration with friends. In this game, cooperation is very important. We can’t see our ally, but we can communicate with him by walkie-talkie. It is necessary to provide accurate information and instructions, as well as to comprehend them, in order to progress through the game.

When the player and his companion awaken, they find themselves at Castle Rock. they have to escape from that Castle alive by solving various puzzles.

Platforms That Support We Were Here Forever

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X and S Series
  • Microsoft Windows

Features That Are Not Supported By We Were Here Forever

  • Local Split-Screen Co-op
  • Online PvP Multiplayer
  • Cross-Play 

Does We Were Here Forever Support Online Co-op?

We Were Here Forever only has a co-op mode. To communicate with each other, both users must utilize a separate PC with a microphone and internet connection. 

Both players must collaborate. Two players are required to solve the game’s puzzles. In order to solve the problems, both users must work together. They are able to communicate with one another.

How Many Players Can Play We Were Here Forever?

We Were Here Forever can be played by 2 players. Player 1 is confined to a small hidden area, while player 2 searches Castle Rock’s forgotten halls for player 1.

Why Is There No Split-Screen In We Were Here Forever?

Game developers were forced to choose between making a co-op multiplayer campaign function at the risk of sacrificing graphics or forsaking Split-Screen options in order to focus on keeping their graphics up to date. So, they drop the idea of adding Split-Screen support to this game as it will reduce the quality of their graphics for this game.

When Will We Were Here Forever Become Split-Screen?

Many gamers have requested to make We Were Here Forever Split-Screen. But, it is now up to the developers when they will bring Split-Screen to this game; however, to be honest, I don’t see this game becoming Split-Screen in 2022 or in the future. The developers of this game currently have no intentions to implement the Split-Screen feature for this game.

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Only an Online co-op is supported by We Were Here Forever. We Were Here Forever doesn’t allow local Split-Screen co-ops. It does not support local Split-Screen or online PvP multiplayer. It also does not feature Cross-Play. In short, we can say that We Were Here Forever is an online multiplayer co-op game. This is a unique game featuring a 12-hour co-op campaign packed with some of the most intensive puzzles ever created.

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