Is World Of Tanks Split Screen? [2024 Updated]

Split screen is a wondering feature, introduced to every smart device and if you are still scratching your head about is World of Tanks split screen or not, then, no worries pal! Cluttertimes have resolved it.

The game World Of Tanks is a battle of steel beats featuring some of the sterling tanks that can played by multiple players. So, we could expect that it’s a great match for those gaming squads who love to beat and kick some a** of other players.

For your information, World Of Tanks can be played on a split screen. So, just relax and have popcorn to play with your friends while using the split screen feature. Let’s get started!

On Which Platforms World Of Tanks Is Played?

If you are a battle player and love to play action games having guns, heavy weapons, etc. then World Of Tanks games, must be a piece of cake for you. Given below are the platforms on which the World Of Tanks game can be played:

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Xbox 360
  3. Xbox One
  4. PlayStation 4
  5. PlayStation 5
  6. iOS Devices
  7. Android Devices
  8. MacOS
  9. Nintendo Switch

What Is World Of Tanks?

World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game that features authentic tanks from the 20th century. You can take control of steel beasts to battle in historic locations where strategy is key.

World of Tanks is now available on several gaming consoles. Wargaming West created World of Tanks for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more.

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Is World Of Tanks Split Screen Or Not?

World of Tanks can be played on a split screen. To play this game while using the split screen feature there are some points which you need to review before. These are:

1. You should divide your monitor screen into two virtual screens, so that, it would look like a split.

2. You can customize the game client to make two copies.

3. Use a gamepad to solve the problem of sending keystrokes or rejection sticks from an inactive window.

4. You can send vibrations to different gamepads and different clients. now offers the ability for gamers to create 2-player platoons free of charge. For the latest updated information, visit the World of Tanks official website.

Is World of Tanks still available?

World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO that has been around for more than a decade. The game has over 160 million players on its battlefields. It also receives regular updates to keep it feeling fresh as it did ten years ago.

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Is World of Tanks a Russian game?

World of Tanks is very popular in Russia. Wargaming also has a studio in Kyiv, Ukraine, and employs more than 500 people. After Sergey Burkatovskiy made a Facebook statement supporting the Russian invasion, Wargaming fired Burkatovskiy as creative director.


By the end of this article, we were able to close the topic of, ‘Is World Of Tanks split screen or not’.

Thus, we find that this game can be played while using a split screen and you can play this game with your friends anytime as it’s a multiplayer game.

We expect you to find this guide educational and don’t forget to bookmark this page, keep checking back for more split-screen articles! Till next time, happy gaming!

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