How To Quickly Get Peacekeeper Quests In Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkove is a first-person multiplayer realistic shooter online video game. There is no need to say how amazing this game works in the market because this is a shooting game and shooting game is almost everyone’s favorite.

If you also like to play this game then you should know, What is the importance of the Peacekeeper quest in Escape from Tarkova? If you are playing any kind of shooting game, weapons are important.

In Escape from Tarkov, the UN Force’s Peacekeeper is a dealer with a wide variety of weaponry, equipment, and attachments that will undoubtedly prove useful during your exploration of Tarkove.

To know more about Peacekeeper in detail, let’s get with this article, and also you will get to know “How To Get Peacekeeper Quest in Escape From Tarkove”?

How To Quickly Get Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov

To use Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov, you first have to unlock them. What are the ways to unlock them?

The Peacekeeper Quests are unlocked by completing the following quests from the Skier.

  • Friend From The West Part 1
  • Friend From The West Part 2

Both Quests are simple to complete, however, you must have $6000 on hand for Skier to finish Part 2 of Friend From The West. You can’t finish the mission if you don’t have enough money. By trading Roubles and selling goods to the Peacekeeper, you can make some money. In Tarkov, you can also plunder for extra cash.

You will be instructed to wait for a call from the Peacekeeper once you have enough money to purchase Skier.

Total Number Of Peacekeeper Quests That You Get In Escape From Tarkov

There is a total of 29 Peacekeeper Quests that you can get in Escape From Tarkov. The complete list of Peacekeeper Quests is as follows:

  1. Fishing Gear
  2. Tiger Safari
  3. Scrap Metal
  4. Eagle Eye
  5. Humanitarian Supplies
  6. The Cult- Part 1
  7. The Cult- Part 2
  8. Spa Tour- Part 1
  9. Spa Tour- Part 2
  10. Spa Tour- Part 3
  11. Spa Tour- Part 4
  12. Spa Tour- Part 5
  13. Spa Tour- Part 6
  14. Spa Tour- Part 7
  15. Cargo X- Part 1
  16. Cargo X- Part 2
  17. Cargo X- Part 3
  18. Wet Job- Part 1
  19. Wet Job- Part 2
  20. Wet Job- Part 3
  21. Wet Job- Part 4
  22. Wet Job- Part 5
  23. Mentor
  24. Wet Job- Part 6
  25. The Guide
  26. Samples
  27. TerraGroup Employee
  28. Lend Lease- Part 2
  29. Peacekeeping Mission

Requirements For Peacekeeper Quests Boost Carry Service

  • Active Account For Escape From Tarkov
  • Your character must already be engaged in the chosen task. Everything else that’s left is included in the purchase.
  • If you don’t have enough levels to complete the quest, we can always level you up.
  • Piloted mode is also available for the Peacekeeper Quests Boost Carry Service. Check the availability of some self-playing tasks via live chat!

How does Peacekeeper Quest Boost Work?

If you select the Selfplay option, one of our experienced boosters will join you on your trip. They will aid you in completing your chosen objectives. If you choose the piloted service, a booster will use your account to complete the tasks for you. In any case, the boost expires when the quest of your choice is finished.


The information on how to complete the Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov is complete. Now you will get to know about the complete guide on how to get Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov. Easy and simple steps you need to follow in order to get Peacekeeper Quests. These quests are important for you if you want to win this game, so don’t take them lightly. 

Hope we will be able to provide you with the information that you want to know. If you want to get more tips and tricks for Escape From Tarkov, Let us know in the comment section. We will surely provide you with that with another article.

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