Metagross Weakness Pokemon Go: Best Metagross Movesets & Counters

Learn about the best moves and counters for Metagross in Pokémon Go. Metagross is a large, stern Pokémon. It lives in the Hoenn region. Metagross has the same type of Steel and Psychic Pokémon as his previous evolution stages – Beldum and Metang.

Metagross, being a member of these types, has an amazing amount of resistance and four weaknesses. It is important to select the best Ground and Ghost, Fire, Dark and Dark counters for Metagross. Metagross move sets are also very versatile.

Steel and Psychic-types may create efficient combos for both Offense and Defense. Next, we’ll discuss the best Metagross Weakness.

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Best Metagross Movesets In Pokemon Go

A unique combination of Steel and Psychic types gives players various movesets. While many Metagross attacks are effective, there are only a handful of good ones.

  • Bullet Punch and Meteor Moh (attack/defense).
  • Ze Headbutt Meteor Mash are examples of Defense.
  • Bullet Punch Psychic. (attack/defense).
  • Zen Headbutt Psychic are both defense/attack.
  • Bullet Punch and Groundquake (attack).

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Best Metagross Weakness, Counters on Pokemon Go

Metagross is available in many game modes, including as a Reid boss. This will require you to pick the best counters to win and to get the Pokemon into your collection. Metagross can’t be defeated by Ground or GhostFire is also weak. Dark attacks are also not supported. You must use the best Metagross-countering Pokemon in order to win:

  • Overheat, Fire Fang
  • Charizard: Fire Spin, Blast Burn.
  • Gengar Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.
  • Houndoom. Snarl, Foul play.
  • Gyarados: Bite, Crunch.
  • Absol Snarl, Dark Pulse
  • Darkrai Snarl. Dark Pulse.
  • Aerodactyl Bite, Earth Power

These Pokemon are great counters for Metagross. But this is just an opinion. You can also use attacks similar to Metagross from other Pokemon.

Metagross can resist Normal, Flying, and Steel Pokémon. So it is not easy to find good counters for your Pokémon.

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