Overwatch 2 has temporarily removed Torbjorn & Bastion

Overwatch 2 bugs work in a similar way to a Hydra. You can cut off one head, and then two more will appear. Blizzard was forced to disable two heroes after they were left horribly (albeit humorously) damaged by bugs.

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Why is Bastion not in Overwatch 2?

Bastion, Torbjorn and Torbjorn have their heroes affected. This affects their ultimate and regular abilities. Torbjorn suffers from the less severe of the bugs. As such, he is pulled out of the competitive queue and is still available in Quickplay. This bug is a simple glitch that allows players to extend their Overload ability’s duration if they press the button fast enough. The result is a Torbjorn faster but harder to kill. This is surprising, given his relative inactivity over the six years of Overwatch. (Sorry to Richard Lawler, the Verge‘s Torbjorn Respecter.

Bastion, however, has a more serious bug in his ultimate. Bastion’s artillery configuration ultimately allows you to summon a few orbital hits that can be extremely devastating for your grouped-up foes. You can now carpet bomb with the bug. Take a look at the following.

Bastion has been totally removed from the game. It’s impossible to see the glitch in the practice range. It is not yet clear when the other will be restored. However, fans can still log in to the game. This is it for now.

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