Oshi no Ko Chapter 138 Spoiler, Release Date, and More: A Comprehensive Overview

In chapter 138, Oshi no Ko will reveal complications for Taishi Gotanda’s efforts to change the content of his film. This may include working with characters such as Aqua or Ichigo Saitou. Also, the chapter may discuss Aqua Hoshino’s emotional turmoil after Ruby’s profound acting.

Sharing the story of a doctor and his patient reincarnated as twins in a Japanese pop star, Oshi no Ko is an intriguing manga series. Initially published as a serial in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine in April 2020, the manga has gained significant notoriety, with over fifteen million copies distributed by November 23.

Anticipated Developments in Chapter 138:

Challenges for Taishi Gotanda: Gotanda’s chapter might show the challenges he had to overcome while changing his version of the film, maybe aided by Aqua or Ichigo Saitou.

Aqua Hoshino’s Struggles: Aqua may face challenging emotional situations after observing Ruby as an actor. It is anticipated that the chapter will delve into Aqua’s inner conflicts.

Release Information:

Most global fans can read Oshi no Ko Chapter 138 on Wednesday, January 24. Nevertheless, in Japan, fans must wait until Thursday, January 25, at 1 am JST. Release times could adjust depending on the time zones.

Raw Scan Status:

Currently, a raw scan for Chapter 138 is not available. Fans anticipating the chapter should wait until it is released by an official source or its website, where the original scan for this comic showcase usually drops.

Recap of Chapter 137:

Being titled “Idol,” Chapter 137 discusses Taishi Gotanda and his obstacles in filmmaking. His assistants recommend adding some other scenes with Ruby to change the point of view of such a film. But Taishi realizes the script edits after observing Ruby’s superb acting skills. The chapter also discusses the changing relationships between Ruby and Kana Arima.

Plot Overview:

Oshi no Ko tells the story of Aquamarine “Aqua” Hoshino, Gorou Amamiya’s reincarnation, retaining memories from his previous life. It is a series focusing on Aqua and his twin sister Ruby navigating through the high school scene while uncovering betrayal and manipulation in the entertainment industry. Their search for the father in an autobiographical film about Ai reveals interwoven relationships.

Where to Read Chapter 138:

The chapter can be accessed by its readers on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus website or app. It’s vital to stay informed since the possibility of rereading chapters for each new release could change.


Chapter 138 has potential for detailed growth in both the script of film modification and Aqua Hoshino’s story with her feelings involved within Oshi no Ko.

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