Pokemon Go 3-Step Bug Fix

Is Pokemon Go displaying all the Pokemon three steps away rather than their actual positions? This is a very common bug with the game and people are seeking a fix for the 3-step bug in Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is a part of the game series Pokemon, which is an interactive mobile game that uses GPS technology to find and catch Pokemon. The game was developed by a San Francisco-based software development company, Niantic, and released in 2016.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the information regarding the three-step bug and the possible fixes to solve the issue.

What Is The Three-Step Bug In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go uses GPS technology and Google Maps API to calculate the distance between the Pokemon around the players. The distance is often calculated in the form of footsteps. Now the issue is that the API has some usage limits. It is quite expensive for people to buy limits for a free-to-play game.

So what’s happening is that the map shows all the Pokemon at a three-step distance from the player. Due to this issue, the players are not able to catch the Pokemon. When your phone makes a request to Google Maps to get the location of the nearby Pokemon, the API requests fail making it difficult for the players to play at ease.

Is There Any Fix For Three-Step Bug In Pokemon Go?

The three-step bug or issue is from the game’s server end, and there is no official fix for the glitch. The Niantic must look into the case and solve this issue permanently. There is an online petition which demands a solution for the bug. You should also take time to sign the petition and encourage the developers to fix the bug.

However, there are some steps that many players have already used to solve the issue temporarily. You can also try the below methods:

  1. Use Haversine Formula

One of the fixes used by many players is a maths formula, the Haversine Formula.  You can calculate the distance between you and the Pokemon using this formula.

  1. Restart The Game

Many players claim that this method really works for them. Whenever you experience a glitch and see three foot steps, close the app go to the place the app suggested, and then restart the game to get the correct update.

  1. Install The Poke Radar

You can effortlessly catch Pokemon with the help of the Poke Radar app because this app uses the game API rather than that of Google Maps.

  1. Remove Footprints

One of the best is to wait patiently for the update from the developers of the game, Niantic. Till then you can remove the footprints from the game, which will resolve the issue and provide a seamless gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Pokemon Go Not Counting Steps?

Pokemon Go requires GPS to calculate the distance, so go to the settings and turn the Location toggle on.

How Does The Pokemon Go Steps Work?

Pokemon Go tracks your steps even while the game is off by connecting with the device’s pedometer.


Pokemon Go’s three-step bug restricts the players from getting the actual distance between the player and the nearby Pokemon. Because it shows all the Pokemon within a distance of three steps. Unfortunately, there is no official fix for the error, and you can only fix the bug temporarily using the methods in the article.

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