Pokemon Go Where To Find Piplup – 3 Guaranteed Ways To Get Piplup

While some Pokemon are quite rare to find, there are others that have much more possibilities in Pokemon Go. Being an intermediate player, it is better to look for the Pokemon that won’t take much of your effort in finding, just like Piplup. Yet, a full-fledged guide is mandatory, so here we are to let you know where to find Piplup in Pokemon Go. 

To find Piplup in Pokemon Go, you can either install a Rainy/Glacial Lure Module at a PokeStop around you to attract all Water Type Pokemon including Piplup. Alternatively, there is also a Field Research Task you can finish in the game as a result of which you might get a chance to encounter a Piplup. To know in detail about this task, you can read further. 

Piplup is a Water Type of Pokemon with a semi-rare spawning rate in Pokemon Go, which makes it not a big deal for the players to catch this one. As you reach friendship level 16 with this Pokemon, you can also evolve it into Prinplup and at level 36 into Empoleon. 

Do you want to know where you have the most chances of getting a Piplup in Pokemon Go so that you can further evolve it and make it a much more powerful Pokemon in the game? Here are your answers, all you have to do is read carefully. 

Where To Find Piplup In Pokemon Go?

If you are planning to just randomly walk around in the hope of finding a Piplup, then that is not going to work at all. Even if you use incense pots, still you don’t stand much chance for this Pokemon. There are definitely some things that are necessary to keep in mind before setting out to look for a Piplup.

There are two most reliable ways for obtaining this pure Water Type Pokemon in the game, one involves using the right Lure Module at the PokeStop, while the other involves completing the specific field research tasks. 

1. Use A Lure Module

The first method for finding a Piplup is by using the Lures. For this, all you need to do is visit your nearest PokeStop and install a lure on it. A Glacial Lure Module or a Rainy Lure Module will be the best choice to attract a pure Water Type Pokemon like Piplup. 

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2. Complete Field Research Tasks

There are various field research tasks that you can be assigned in Pokemon Go, providing you with an encounter for a Pokemon you must be searching for. To have the scope of getting a Piplup, we suggest you get the “Make Five Great Throws” task and complete it in the game as a result of which you will be given a Pokemon encounter with either Piplup, Chimchar, or a Turtwig. 

Although it is not confirmed that you will get a Piplup at once by completing this research task, there is still a 1 in 3 chance to be that lucky. 

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How To Evolve A Piplup In Pokemon Go?

One of the above two methods will surely work for you in obtaining a Piplup in the game if you keep trying. Now that you have got a Piplup, keeping it in the same state would be no fun, right? 

You must be aware that a Piplup can be evolved two times, first into a Prinplup and then into an Empoleon which is a Water as well as Steel Type Pokemon and has resistance to damage from most types of Pokemon. 

 So, if you have caught a Piplup and now wish to evolve it into a Prinplup, you will need to first collect 25 Piplup candies and you will get your Prinplup. Furthermore, if you now wish to obtain the final stage of Piplup, that is the Empoleon, you will require to collect another 100 Piplup candies, and then you can go with the evolution process. 

Wrap Up

We hope that after going through this article, you will not see finding a Piplup in Pokemon Go as a difficult task. All you needed was a strong determination to get this Pokemon as well in the right direction, and now you probably have both of them. So, go ahead and catch this amazing Pokemon for yourself. Also, if you are struggling in finding any other Pokemon in the game then you can tell us in the comments to seek help.

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