100% Working Method to Send Backdate Mail in Gmail | Permanent Change Sent Date in Your Gmail ID

What if you forget to send an urgent mail that can’t be accepted later? You might get no response. Also, what if you have already sent that mail but the recipient receives it late? Who’s to blame then? Sender or receiver? Here, only the internet would be at fault. That’s where you might need to send Backdate Mail in Gmail.

Now, whether you skipped submitting your online assessments to your teacher’s Gmail id or forgot to send a mail that needs to be sent 10 minutes ago or even a decade ago, there’s still a chance to send it again with a past date.

To send Backdated Emails in Gmail, you need to set up Burp Suite and also get the SwitchyOmega extension. Then, you will also need to install the CA Certificate. Then you will be able to change the timestamp in your Gmail using the epoch converter website.

We know that you are still quite confused about the procedure, and that’s why you can move ahead to read this full-fledged guide on this query.

How to Send Backdate Mail in Gmail? A Step-By-Step Guide

Can we send backdated email? No, We are not asking you to change the Date & Time on your Computer or talking about any photoshop or editing mail date in elements. These methods are already mentioned on some authority-ranking blogs on Google. All these are useless. 

Because of Google’s bug, it is possible to send an email with a past date. The method to change the send date on an email is complicated, but it isn’t actually that tricky with this tutorial. You just need to change the timestamp in Gmail.

Prerequisites To Change the Sent Date on an Email

  • A personal computer or laptop
  • Must have Chrome installed on it. You can also use other browsers as well, but Chrome gives more compatibility.
  • Set Up Burp Suite and a CA certificate.
  • Install SwitchyOmega extension.
  • Your Gmail account to modify the email
  • Ultimately, PATIENCE.

In order to make it look like you have already sent an email, you need to follow the steps carefully to make sure that no errors should occur.

Setting Up Burp Suite

How to Send Backdated Email in Gmail?
  • Install the software Burp Suite and run it.
  • Click on Temporary project and hit next.
  • You’ll be asked to select the configuration to load the project. Use Burp Defaults and Start Burp.
  • Wait for a few seconds and let the Burp Suite install.
  • Click on the Proxy button and copy the server and port code in a notepad. It will be (Here, the server is and the port is 8080).

Installing SwitchyOmega Extension

How to Send Backdated Email in Gmail?
  • Head towards your chrome browser and install SwitchyOmega in it.
  • Open SwitchyOmega and add a new profile under the profile section.
  • Set the profile name to burp or anything, choose the Proxy Profile option and click create.
  • Under proxy servers, choose protocol HTTP, and add server and port code as mentioned above.
  • Tap on “Apply Changes“.

Installing CA Certificate

How to Send Backdated Email in Gmail?

Half of your work is already done. Currently, you need to install a CA Certificate in your Chrome. To do this,

  • Enter this code( in the URL and you’ll be redirected to a Burp Suite Community Edition page. Click on CA Certificate and download it.
  • Click the downloaded file and open it.
  • Hit Install Certificate.
  • Click current user and press next.
  • Choose option 2 and click browse. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and press next.
  • Again press next and click Finish. You’ll see a pop-up with a message – the import was successful. It means you have successfully installed the certificate.
  • Now is the time to send mail in Gmail according to your desired date.

Steps to Send Email in Gmail With Previous Date

  1. Before you perform any action, open this epoch converter website in your browser. It allows you to change timestamps in Gmail.
  2. Open your Gmail in another tab and compose a new mail to the recipient mail ID.
  3. After composing the message, click on the schedule button and set a scheduled date(Just set a date, don’t press the send button). Here we will capture and manipulate the request.
  4. Run the Burp Suite and switch towards the proxy option. Make sure that the intercept is on.
  5. Click on the SwitchyOmega extension in Chrome and choose burp.
  6. Now press schedule Send and check the Burp Suite. It will capture the request which will look similar to this.
How to Send Backdated Email in Gmail?
These underlined numbers are timestamps that should be replaced with the previous timestamp

Note: Press the forward button again and again until you find your request. 

  1. Once you get it, check the timestamp which will look like this number “1600859289000”. You have to change it accordingly by visiting the epoch converter. There, set your desired back date accordingly and press Human Date to Timestamp.
  2. Copy the given timestamp in milliseconds and replace it with your three existing timestamps.
  3. Just click the forward button and turn off the intercept.
  4. Congratulations, you successfully sent the mail on the past date.

You can change your desired backdate accordingly but the actual receiving date will be shown to the recipient. However, even if the receiver checks your mail info, he will find the original sent date as you had set.

In an era where over 304 billion emails are sent and received every day, sometimes it is acceptable if one mail gets delayed due to a technical glitch. Just make sure to not mess with a techy person.

“Backdating is usually not allowed and even can be illegal or fraudulent in some situations. However, there are times when backdating can be acceptable, but the parties involved must agree to it”. - Investopedia.

Thanks to Jasminder Pal Singh for finding this Google bug. He has also made a short video on this tutorial but honestly, it didn’t work for me, as the burp setup, CA certificate installation, and using SwitchyOmega were not mentioned in it.

See This Video To Get An Idea of How to Send BackDate Email in Gmail

Last But Not Least

This tutorial is just like a straw’s support for a drowning man, only needy ones are going to value it. Nevertheless, we made this article only for educational purposes. We don’t recommend anyone send previous-date emails unless it is the last resort.


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