SWTOR Stuck On Loading Screen? These 4 Methods Will Help You For Sure

Imagine being exhilarated about jumping in as a member of Galatic Republic in your favorite Star Wars game and this SWTOR stuck on the loading screen? What will you do? Just compromise and set aside all your enthusiasm. No, at least not as long as we are with you!

If you get to deal with SWTOR stuck on loading screen, first check if you are having an actively working internet connection. Then, begin with reloading the Steam platform on your PC. After this, the next thing you can try is repairing your game launcher to look for any corrupted or missing files. There is also something else you can do, which you will find out as you read further. 

Of all role-playing games, we know what Star Wars fans would choose. Undoubtedly, it is the SWTOR. Yes, we are talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic which is a massively multiplayer online video game, and of course, Star Wars based. But the thing about these games is, sometimes you have to deal with certain errors which you aren’t even sure where they are coming from.

If your loading screen is also getting stuck often whenever you want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, then we know exactly what you need to do, read the solutions we have mentioned in this article and apply them. 

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How To Fix SWTOR Stuck On Loading Screen? 

Let us check out all the possible troubleshooting methods or fixes that can help you out with the stuck loading screen as you run Star Wars The Old Republic. 

1. Repair Your Game Launcher

What usually happens is, that the files on your PC require to be sorted otherwise you face several issues like the loading screen of the games getting stuck over there. So, you will need to run a repair on your game launcher which will resolve your problems linked to the corrupted or missing files. 

Thus, as you run a quick repair for your game launcher, all the missing files will be found and downloaded on your PC and after the repair process is finished, you can run SWTOR without dealing with the screen getting stuck. 

2. Reload Steam

This should technically be the first step towards fixing the loading screen getting stuck in SWTOR. All you have to do is load steam again because you might not have launched the game correctly in the first place due to which this loading bug arrived. 

To get past this error, just reload Steam, which means you have to exit Steam completely and then again launch and load it. 

Also, forget not to close all the other applications running in the background before again loading Steam. In fact, it will be a lot better if you attempt a reboot on your system too. This will definitely increase your chances of getting this issue solved.

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3. Add Exceptions To Antivirus And Firewall

You should add exceptions to the Antivirus and Firewall, and if you have done that already, then remove and add them again. This will help refresh the connection of the game and the problem of a stuck loading screen on Star Wars: The Old Republic would surely be resolved. 

Apart from this, you should also disable the Antivirus and any other security programs on your device temporarily and then see if you can run the game properly.

4. Contact Support

If nothing works out for you, then the only option that you are left with is to contact the customer support service whose members will look into the matter as you explain it to them and then come up with a suitable and working solution for you. 

Wrap Up

We hope you will now be able to fix the problem of getting SWTOR stuck on loading screen. Remember that if you are launching the game for the first time, plus if the specs of your system are not more than enough, it might take a little more time, like twenty minutes or so, and thus, you can do nothing but give the game a little more time to load.

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