Type 100 Warzone Loadout | Best Attachments to Use for Type 100 SMG

Confused about picking the best close-range SMG? Now, there’s no need to think more about it. Type 100 is the only gun you need. But make sure to use this Type 100 warzone loadout before you enter the match.

Type 100 is basically a Japanese SMG, introduced in Call of Duty. It gets unlocked at level 25. Everything is fine with this gun, but because of its low recoil and small magazine size of 30 rounds, we need to add some attachments to this weapon to make it worth using in a warzone.

If we head towards the attachments, there are plenty of options including the stock, barrel, etc. Still, we have to choose only the right attachments. That’s why we are here to tell you about the best attachment options for Type 100. 

Type 100 Warzone Loadout | Best Attachments

The loadout mentioned in this article will overcome the shortcomings of this weapon. It will help you in knocking down enemies easily. Also, you need a secondary weapon with Type 100. So, you can pick any rifle like the NZ-41.

Attachments for Type 100

MuzzleMercury Silencer
BarrelShiraishi 374mm
Underbarrelm1941 Hand Stop
StockWarubachi Skeletal
OpticSlate Reflector
Magazine8mm Kurz 48 Round Drums

All these are the perfect attachments for Type 100. For the muzzle, you can either use a recoil booster or a mercury silencer. But a mercury silencer not only silences the weapon but also makes a positive impact on recoil control. The barrel will provide additional stability to the weapon by providing better stability.

The m1941 hand stop will reduce the ads spread and for mobility, while equipping the gun, the Warubachi Skeletal is used. The slate reflector will increase the zoom by 1.35x. Finally, the magazine will provide more ammo capacity to your weapon.

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