Secret Trick To Unlock Ultra HD Graphics in BGMI (in Any Device) | BGMI 90Fps Config File

Just downloaded BGMI? Great Work! Want to play BGMI smoothly? You can play it smoothly by unlocking Ultra HD Graphics or 90Fps in it. Now the main question is, how to do it? Well, that’s what the article is made for.

Pubg Mobile was banned in 2020 in India but most gamers somehow managed to play it even after the ban. But after the launch of the new Battlegrounds Mobile India, all Indian Pubg users shifted to BGMI.

The main problem with the new BGMI version is the strict rules and regulations set by the Pubg corporation. It seems that the company won’t let the users play games with GFX tools or any type of config files that were previously used for the Pubg Mobile Global version.

However, there’s one premium Config Tool for BGMI that will definitely provide you with the best BGMI gaming experience especially if you have a low-end device. The file is free to download and is safe to use.

How To Get 90Fps in BGMI Without Using GFX Tool and Getting Banned?

Pre-registrations for BGMI early access went live on Google Play on the 18th of May 2021. Now, most people have access to download the game as it is officially released. If you still haven’t downloaded the game, you can download it from here.

If you are using the Global version of Pubg Mobile, you can still download the config file to unlock the hdr+extreme graphics setting in Pubg Mobile.

Before moving towards the BGMI 90fps config file, let’s discuss the main pros of downloading and using this file.

What are the Benifits of Using Config File to Unlock HD Graphics in BGMI?

  1. Fix low FPS issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India
  2. Works for every device wheather it’s a 2gb, 3gb, or 4gb ram variant.
  3. Your Gameplay will be more smooth than ever before.
  4. Chances for killing an enemy easily before he kills you.
  5. All this will also affect in improving your KD ratio as well.

Should You Use This Config File to Your BGMI Game?

Yes, you should definitely use this 90fps config file for Pubg if your device lags while you play the game.

Is There Any Risk of Unlocking HD graphics in BGMI?

As of now, I haven’t faced any error or notification from the Battleground Mobile India team regarding the usage of this file. My friends also use this Pubg Config File, they also play the game smoothly. Also, the ID has not been banned. So, we can say that there is no risk of using this graphics setting for BGMI.

How to Download and Use 90FPS Config File for BGMI?

Below you will get a download link for the file. You just need to click the button and wait for the download. After successfully downloading the config file, carefully go through the steps that are mentioned below. Note that you must delete the previous config file(in case if you have downloaded it before).

  1. Install the official ZArchiver App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the ZArchiver and locate the downloaded Config File.
  3. Extract the File and it will ask for a password. The password is – Akshay. Enter the password and you will get you file.
  4. Now, copy or cut that file and go to Android> Data> com.pubg.imobile> files> UE4Game> ShadowTrackerExtra> ShadowTrackerExtra> Saved> Paks and paste there.

It’s all done. Now, you can easily play your Battleground Mobile India game smoothly without facing any lag or error.


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