What Exactly is 2D Game Art?

2D games are quite popular nowadays, and they appear on many top lists. As new projects and beautiful graphic styles arise, 2D is steadily recovering its status in the game business.

Some objects appear better in three dimensions, while others look great in two dimensions. Is it even possible? Take a peek at some of the tricks that 2D game art has up its sleeve!

What exactly is 2D art

To put it simply, every picture that is not created in 3D is considered 2D. It’s a vast field that encompasses a wide range of artistic styles and forms. Everything is two-dimensional, from ancient rock engravings to intricate oil paintings on canvas. Talented painters may make 2D art appear almost identical to 3D and as lifelike as photographs.

Older games had flat designs and largely employed pixel imagery. Many new styles emerged as a result of technical advancements. Some of them are hypnotic and instantly identifiable. Monochromatic art, for example, employs just a few hues, whereas pixel art revives old-school square designs.

Where does 2D art used in

To put it another way, anytime you need to picture anything. 2D art includes a broad range of artistic forms. It’s all 2D art, from small shadows on a wall to epic battles on canvas. The same is true for digital art, as long as it does not go into 3D area with additional dimension.

Cartoons and video games are the most prevalent examples of two-dimensional art nowadays. Almost every project in the gaming business starts with 2D game art. You must have at least some thoughts, drawings, and textures before going on to the finalization of your projects. You can read a more extensive article on 2D game art styles on Whimsy Games. 

Important 2D game art styles

Both 3D and 2D video games have always had ample room and demand in the video game business. However, as major games like as Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, and Final Fantasy began their migrations to three-dimensional environments, it seemed that the power balance would never be the same.

However, a flood of excellent independent games and the rising popularity of mobile gaming provided 2D a major boost in terms of survival and expansion. As a consequence, additional 2D art forms began to emerge. So let’s talk about the most well-known among them. Please note that this article does not include common approaches such as Vector art, but rather focuses on some of the most popular styles.

Pixel Art

Probably the most well-known and well-known art style. Whenever you view it, you may be overcome by strong nostalgia and pleasant recollections from the era of the first consoles. Pixels were used to create the first visuals. Characters, surroundings, and effects were all represented by little squares. Although modern technology can do sophisticated computations and provide jaw-dropping graphics, 2D pixel art remains popular. It’s more stylish, polished, and appealing, yet it still has that square-look charm.

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Flat Art

The title is self-explanatory. On the screen, designs for things with no depth or volume seem flat. Flat art games, unlike cel-shading, don’t worry about physics or realism. As a result, designers are allowed to express themselves more freely in their work. That is why video games often feature stunning and unimaginable flat visuals. Artists sometimes steal elements from various art forms, although they normally avoid common characteristics.

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Geometric Art

As the name implies, it’s all about the forms. However, you are not confined to simplistic forms with this 2D game art. You may employ a wide range of them in a game and no one will notice. People are sometimes forced to play as geometric figures in such games. In Asteroids, for example, your spacecraft is shaped like a triangle. 

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This category includes games with restricted color palettes. You may believe that black-and-white designs are boring and unattractive, but this is not the case. Yes, they’re largely depressing, with a feeling of isolation and doom oozing off them. This, however, is what sets this design apart. Shades, lighting, and tints are important in monochromatic painting games since painters are frequently confined to two or three hues.

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Although 3D art is considerably more popular and frequently utilized nowadays, 2D art is still alive and well. Various two-dimensional graphics and elements are used in 3D projects. There are many additional drawn items such as menus, interfaces, backdrops, and so on, in addition to drawings and artworks of locations and people. 2D art is one of the industry’s fundamental cornerstones, and it cannot be overlooked. NFT is a promising trend in the gaming industry. You can read about creating such games on Whimsy Games

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