What Happened to Andy in Tacoma FD? Eugene Cordero’s Exit Explained

Tacoma FD lost Eugene Cordero, who played Andy Myawani since season 1. The actors leaving the television show are detailed below.

However, Andy Myawani Eugene Cordero is not in Tacoma FD Season 4 due to a conflict with his schedule.

The season is about the firefighters adapting to a new normal by rebuilding their Station, and they move with Chief McConky.

Andy Got A Job With The Uncle At His Carpet Business

However, season 4 of Tacoma FD needs a central character in Andy Myawani, played by Eugene Cordero. In the debut of the truTV series way back in 2019, Cordero has been an insider. However, he could not reappear in season 4 for unknown reasons.

The story resumes at the end of Season 3, in which firefighters accommodate their new reality after the Station is gutted. Many of them, including Chief McConky (Gilbert Gottfried), move to Pirate World, a pirate-themed amusement park. But this new chapter does not feature Andy, as Eugene Cordero could not return for Season 4.

Andy Myawani Isn’t In Tacoma FD Season 4:

In the premiere of its second season, the team tackles a goofy string fire at Pirate World, and Andy is distinctly missing. After Lucy McConky announces they may return to Station 24, Granny Smith asks about Andy. According to Ike Crystal, Andy takes a full-time position at his uncle’s carpet company in the show and loves its chilled atmosphere. The latter also represents Andy’s departure from Tacoma FD, where he is a salesman of carpets instead of putting out fires.

Why Eugene Cordero Left Tacoma FD:

Eugene Cordero leaves Tacoma FD due to scheduling conflicts. The actor played Casey, a TVA receptionist in Loki Season 1 on Disney+, promoting to series regular for season two. Cordero’s other obligations toward the Marvel Cinematic Universe probably conflicted with Tacoma FD Season 4 shooting. Indeed, a witty allusion to this situation is present in the sitcom when describing Andy’s new position as “quiet,” an ironic reference that refers indirectly to Loki.

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