What Happened To Jared From Subway? Where Is He?

In 2013, Jared Fogle came into the public eye that he lost a lot of weight while eating Subway sandwiches. With his inspirational story and everyman image, he was a great spokesperson that many young athletes loved to hear. In the following fifteen years, he made many appearances in Subway ads.

In the backdrop, however, things went for Fogle from a darker perspective. In 2007, he started having sex with minors and consuming child pornography. In the end, his crimes were not discovered for almost a decade while he still acted as Subway’s face.

In 2015, she became aware that the senator had acted inappropriately after journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond got officials’ attention by reporting about disturbing remarks Fogle made to her concerning underage girls. Scrutiny revealed Fogle’s criminal past of child abuse. His residence has been circumcised, revealing a pit of violent photos and movies that involve minors.

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What Happened To Jared In Subway?

Fogle pleaded guilty to the charges he faced with possession of child pornography and traveling across state lines to have commercial sex with minors. He was convicted and he received more than 15 years of federal prison. Subway quickly disassociated from him, wiping his image off their website and ads.

When the news about Fogle broke through, it shocked ordinary people who found him a man like them in Subway’s commercial. The company was among the first to separate itself from any link with Fogle. While their brand suffered a serious knock on the publicity front, it went ahead eventually to bounce back.

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Jared Fogle was a prominent national spokesperson and ended up with a long prison sentence. At the age of 44, he is incarcerated today. The disgraceful downfall has a national scale and underlines the fragile nature of appalling crimes that are hidden behind an innocent public face. Fogle’s name was now associated with one of the more damaging scandals in advertising history.

Though Subway was able to recover its image and move forward, the reputation of Jared Fogle is forever marred. Long after his crimes were brought to light, he remains a symbol of the fact that corruption can be often hidden from view even when it has had one’s face for years.

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