What Is CP Pokemon Go? Top 10 Pokemon With Highest CP

You must have observed a value referred to as the “CP” in Pokemon Go a lot of times. This is an important considerable aspect of a Pokemon, however, some people are not sure of what this exactly means. This is why we came up with this article to tell you all about what is CP Pokemon Go players keep talking about in the stats. 

CP in Pokemon Go is referred to as the Combat Power of a Pokemon. This means the more the CP of a Pokemon, the higher will be its strength and thus, it will endure more during a battle. The CP of every Pokemon varies based upon several factors all of which are discussed here, so you just need to continue to read and find out. 

Of all the Augmented Reality video games available out there, Pokemon Go is the one that has attained the highest position on a global level and is continuing to do so. A major reason behind this is also that it is based on Pokemon which every kid, youngster, and adult loves. 

As you play the game, there are several important terms that you need to be aware of which helps you choose the right Pokemon during a battle, one of these terms is CP, which is very important, and if you don’t know about it, now is the time that you get all the required information. 

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What Is CP Pokemon Go?

As mentioned, the term CP stands for the Combat Power of a Pokemon. It is the numerical value that determines how strong a Pokemon is in the game. If a Pokemon has a high CP in the game, it will automatically inflict much higher damage on the opposing Pokemon during a battle, thus increasing your chances of winning the fight to a great extent. 

At the same time, if your Pokemon has a lower CP level, they will not be able to cause that much damage to their opponent and you might also lose the fight. 

Now you must be thinking about how to find the CP level of my Pokemon. It is simple, you can check your Pokemon’s CP by the white arc through the number present behind and above the Pokemon. This is because the Pokemon Level of a Pokemon is referred to as the CP of that Pokemon. 

So, you just need to check out the Pokemon level to determine what your Pokemon’s CP is, simple as that. 

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Remember that you cannot increase your Pokemon’s CP by just evolving it. However, if the stats of your Pokemon get higher over time, it will positively impact the CP value and your Pokemon will gradually become stronger. 

Other factors that vastly influence the CP of a Pokemon include the HP (Hit Points) as well as the Attack and Defense. Plus, the Combat Points are also based on the IV of the Pokemon. 

Speaking of IV (Individual Values), a lot of players mistake this for CP, but that is not true. IV and CP, both are different from each other. IV refers to the individual stats of a Pokemon while the CP refers to the overall stats of that Pokemon. 

However, one thing is true – the IV of a Pokemon directly affects its CP. 

Here is a list of the most powerful Pokemon with the highest CP in Pokemon Go that you surely need to check out. 

1. Slaking – with max CP of 4431.

2. Eternatus – with max CP of 4429.

3. Mewtwo – with max CP of 4178.

4. Groudon – with max CP of 4115.

5. Kyogre – with max CP of 4115.

6. Lunala – with max CP of 4042

7. Solgaleo – with max CP of 4042

8. Zekrom – with max CP of 4038.

9. Reshiram – with max CP of 4038.

10. Dialga – with max CP of 4038.

Wrap Up

We hope that from now onwards, you will never ever be confused again with the term CP in Pokemon Go and in fact in any other game because its meaning and significance remain the same no matter which battle video game you are playing. If there is any other term in Pokemon Go that perplexes you, feel free to tell us in the comments. 

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