What Lies Beneath The Mask Pokemon Go 2022?

You must know that Pokemon Go keeps introducing special research tasks that benefit the players a lot on their completion. One such task that arrives alongside the Halloween event is – The what Lies Beneath The Mask Pokemon Go Research Task. Many players are not informed about this yet, but after going through this article, you will no longer be ignorant of this task. 

The “What Lies Beneath The Mask” is a Special Research Task that mainly focuses on Yamask as well as certain other Pokemon under the Ghost Type. There are specific steps that the players need to accomplish to finish this task and avail of its benefits, all of which have been discussed in the latter part of this guide.

Every once in a while, Pokemon Go announces special research tasks that let the players obtain their favorite Pokemon in the game that is otherwise unapproachable. However, completing these tasks in time requires a lot of concentration, dedication, and strategy which is not possible without the availability of the right information. 

Today we are going to know all about the “What Lies Beneath The Mask” research task and how to accomplish this without struggling much. 

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How To Complete What Lies Beneath The Mask Pokemon Go?

The Special Research Task in Pokemon Go namely “What Lies Beneath The Mask” has been divided into four different parts where the players are given exciting rewards after the completion of each reward.

Let us discuss the process for completing each of the parts under the “What Lies Beneath The Mask” research task in Pokemon Go. 

“What Lies Beneath The Mask” Part 1

In the first part of this special research task on Pokemon Go, there are three things that the players have to do in order to accomplish it. 

The first thing is to catch about 40 Pokemon of the Ghost Type in the game which will get you an amount of 400 Stardust. 

Next is the Duskull encounter that the players get as a result of transferring 9 Pokemon. 

And the final thing to do is make at least 49 Nice throws which get them with 9 Ultra Balls. 

Once the players have accomplished all that is required in Part 1 of this research task, here are the rewards that they will receive by the end of this part. 

1. A Yamask encounter that gives the players an opportunity to catch a Yamask Pokemon for themselves. 

2. The players are also rewarded with 4000 XP experience which is a handsome amount. 

3. The third and last reward is 9 x Nanab Berries. These berries look like bananas and are used when the players need to slow down the movements of a Pokemon, that is, it calms a Pokemon on feeding. 

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“What Lies Beneath The Mask” Part 2

The second part of this task again involves three steps to accomplish in order to gain the rewards and move to the next part. 

The first thing required to be done here is again catching 40 Ghost Type Pokemon, however this time, the players don’t get the Stardust but instead a chance to catch a Halloween hat Pikachu in the encounter. 

Next, they need to make at least 9 Curveball throws which will provide them with 490 Stardust.

Finally, the last thing involves using 49 berries for catching a Pokemon as a result of which the players receive the Banette encounter. 

Here is a list of the rewards that the players receive at the end of the successful completion of Part 2 of this task. 

1. A Galarian Yamask encounter that gives the players to catch this outstanding Pokemon for themselves. 

2. The players will also be rewarded with 4000 XP experience. 

3. Finally, the players also get Razz Berries that when fed a Pokemon, increase the chances of catching it by 1.5 times. 

“What Lies Beneath The Mask” Part 3

Now comes the third part, where again the players first need to catch 40 Ghost Type Pokemon for which they will get 400 Stardust. 

Then they also must have collected 9 different species of Ghost Type Pokemon for which they receive an encounter with Alolan Marowak.

Finally, this time the players have to make at least 49 great throws and they will receive 49 Poke Balls. 

Here are the rewards that the players are provided by the end of Part 3 of this special research task in the game. 

1. The first reward is another Galarian Yamask encounter, so if you missed it in Part 2, you get one more chance to get it, and if you already got one before, now you will have two of them. 

2. The Second reward for this task is 4000 XP experience. 

3. The last one is 9 Pinap berries which are fed to a Pokemon while capturing it, as a result of this, the trainer receives double the number of candies in their next capture. 

“What Lies Beneath The Mask” Part 4

Finally, it is the fourth and the last part of this task where all three steps involve claiming rewards. Claiming the first reward gives them 49 XP, the second 490 XP, and the third 4900 XP, so you will be possessing a really good number of XP by the end of this part. 

Furthermore, here are the rewards that the players will get when they finish Part 4 of this research task.

1. 4 Yamask candies, that will be useful in the evolution process.

2. Another 9 Yamask candies.

3. 4900 Stardust. 

Wrap Up

This was the full-fledged guide related to the What Lies Beneath The Mask Pokemon Go Special Research Task. Now you are aware of all the tasks required to be accomplished within this and the exclusive rewards that you will receive, so, go ahead and take part in it.

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