Where To Find Grapple Glove Fortnite – 10 Important Locations

Have you heard about a newly added shiny gadget to Fortnite? Yes, we are talking about the grapple glove. There are some specific locations for getting this gadget in the game. Do you know where to find Grapple Glove Fortnite? 

In the Fortnite chapter 3, if you noticed, you will realize that the grapple glove, a new gadget has been introduced whose function is the same as the web shooters of Spider Man. so, this grapple glove is going to be a great aid to you for escaping some harsh and dead end situations.

Where to find Grapple Glove Fortnite has introduced? You can find the grapple glove in the Rave Cave near the pool, near the south road of the Joneses, to the east of the Shifty Sands, and to the east of the Tilted Towers.

To know in detail about the grapple glove Fortnite locations, you will need to go through this entire article to find it easily when you play the game. 

Where To Find Grapple Glove Fortnite?

Here are the locations where you can possibly find the grapple glove in the game Fortnite and then use it in the game as you proceed. You can visit these locations and search for the grapple gloves there. 

1. Towards the North-West side of Logjam Lumberyard

2. Eastwards from the Shifty Sands

3. Near the pool in the Rave Cave

4. At the east crossroads of the Daily Bugle

5. Towards the east of the Tilted Towers

6. A little South-West to the Greasy Grove

7. Towards the northeast of the Synapse Station

8. To the northeast of the Joneses between the small Islands

9. Near the road to the south of the Joneses

10. Close to the river to the north of Rocky Reels

these were the places where to find Grapple Glove Fortnite. All the spots where the grapple glove can be found are easy to locate as there will be a bright pink color or catchy music as you come near that spot. Each of these locations usually contains three grapple gloves

Remember that the grapple gloves will be found inside the purple chests that you will get at the locations mentioned above across the Fortnite map. There might be shacks with cranes over these purple chests, so you will have to find them by putting in some effort. 

You cannot skip this gadget in the game because as you will advance in the game, there would be instances when you would require to use these gloves to save your character. 

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What Is The Use Of Grapple Glove In Fortnite? 

Where To Find Grapple Glove Fortnite - What Is The Use Of Grapple Glove Fortnite

The Grapple gloves will work just like the web shooters that you can use to swing across the buildings. You will just need to target a point to grapple and then shoot towards it through the right trigger and you will be swung to it.

You can continuously target one point after the other and reach your destination in lesser time as well as escape the dangers down there without having any harm to your character. 

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How To Use Grapple Glove In Fortnite?

To be able to use Grapple Glove in Fortnite, you will first need to find one and equip it for your inventory. Once had it, you will just need to aim at any hard surface that you want to swing to and then press the shoot button. 

In the same way, you can instantly shoot at another surface once you have had your first swing, and this way, you can use one grapple glove for about thirty shots that you can use. 

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Wrap Up

A grapple glove is a necessary gadget without which it is quite hard to make it through Fortnite Chapter 3. So, make sure you have obtained one before you move forward in the game. Share this with your friends who are also playing Fortnite so they can also make use of Grapple Glove.

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