Where To Find Magikarp In Pokemon Go?

If you want to battle against any Fire-Type Pokemon, then using Magikarp or any other Water-Type Pokemon against it is best for you. As Fire-Type Pokemon can only be damaged by Water-Type Pokemon. So, in that case, you should have Water-Type Pokemon on your list.

Now you must be confused about what water-type pokemon you should pick first. Well!! From our point of view, Magikarp will be a better option for you. Because Magikarp is a strong and rare Water-Type Pokemon and its evolution gives you a new Pokemon Mew. I think that much is enough for you to know about Magikarp, now let’s move forward and get to know, “Where you can find it”?

You can find Magikarp in the surrounding water, as this is a Water-Type Pokemon. In these places, this Pokemon has a higher probability of spawning during the Kanto Event.

If you still wanna know the exact locations of Magikarp, then read the article up to the end where we have covered almost everything about Magikarp locations and much more.

Where To Find Magikarp In Pokemon Go?

The list of water bodies where you can find Magikarp in Pokemon Go are:

  • Route2
  • East Lake Axewell
  • West Lake Axewell
  • Axew’s Eye
  • South Lake Miloch
  • North Lake Miloch
  • West Lake Axewell (Surfing)
  • Route4
  • Route5
  • Bridge Field
  • Route6
  • Route2 (High Level)
  • Slumbering Weald (Low Level)
  • Slumbering Weald (High Level)

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How Can You Find Magikarp In Pokemon Go?

Obviously, no one can resist getting help in finding Magikarp in the game. For our assistance, Pokemon Go provides us with some Pokemon Go maps, which help us in finding the location of Magikarp.

These are the top 3 Pokemon Go maps.

  • The Sliph Road
  • PokeHunter
  • PoGoMap

The Sliph Road

One of the best Pokemon Go map services is The Sliph Road, which increases your chances of finding Magikarp. It is especially convenient because it contains a nest atlas that makes it simple to locate the next at any moment.

Additionally, it enables communication with vibrant Pokemon Go communities, which can improve the effectiveness of the search.


Another excellent resource for information when looking for Magikarp nests is PokeHunter. It provides comprehensive details on the numerous places in the world where Magikarp can be found.

PokeHunter won’t offer information on any place in the world, unlike previous maps. 


If you want the exact location of Magikarp, PoGoMap is an excellent tool to use. It offers a map and a guide to make it easier for you to reach the spots. You might even see arrows pointing directly in the direction of its spawning area.

Magikarp Nests With Its Coordinates

  • Latitude: 41.356088, Longitude: 2.155995
  • Latitude: 35.064781, Longitude: 136.953962

How Can You Catch Magikorp By Using GPS Spoofing Tool?

You may virtually teleport your device to the spot and capture Magikarp without moving by using a GPS spoofing tool. All you have to do is to locate a trustworthy and efficient iOS location spoofing solution. 

Spoofing your location can be dangerous and could get your account temporarily or permanently banned.

However, we have a spoofing device that is completely risk-free. You can teleport to one of these locations extremely fast with MockGo, capture Magikarp, and then quickly return without putting your account or your iOS device in any kind of danger.

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What Are The Steps To Use MockGo In Catching Magikarp?

Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Connect The iOS To The Computer

  • Open MockGo on your computer
  • Connect iPhone and computer together
  • Select the terms and condition checkbox option
  • Click “Start”

Step 2: Teleport The Location

In order to modify the location of the Magikarp nest coordinates, you need to teleport its location. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Click the “Teleport Mode” option
  • Put the coordinates in the search bar field
  • Select, when the location comes which is shown on the map
  • To alter the location, you can zoom in and out of the map or move the pin
  • When you are sure that this is the right spot, click “Move Here”.

Step 3: Simulate GPS Movement

  • You can select either the one-stop or multi-spot mode if you want to move between two locations or along a predetermined path on a map. After that, mark the path with pins on the map.
  • Then, you may choose your preferred speed and use the joystick at the bottom of the screen to facilitate the simulated movement.


You can play Pokemon Go extremely easily using MockGo and even capture valuable Pokemon like Magikarp without having to travel great distances to hatch them.

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