Where To Find Pre War Food Fallout 76?

Before setting out for your journey it is important to grab something to eat, the same as in the case of the game Fallout 76. But how will you eat if you don’t know where to find Pre War Food Fallout 76? Don’t stress over it, we know the answer and soon you will too. 

If you don’t find it easy to cook the food in Fallout 76, you must be aware that there are also some items that can readily be eaten, all you have to do is find them in the game. This is what we call the Pre War food in the game and is only found in specific locations. 

To find Pre War food in Fallout 76, you must either go to Mama Dolce’s Food Processing where you can get much more food by completing the event. Another place is the Sunshine Meadow Industrial Farm which you can claim as your own and grab food from there. Finally, you can also check out the large golf course Whitespring for the Pre War Food in the game. 

Let us know in detail about the different categories of Pre War food in Fallout 76 as well as where you can find these items within the game. 

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What Are Different Types Of Pre War Food In Fallout 76? 

There are several items considered in the Pre War Food category in Fallout 76 that you can find and you will not require to cook them. This will make things easier for you as you will be carrying the pre-cooked meal with you without having to think of preparing the item before eating it.

Here is a list of all the 17 different items that come under the Pre War Food in Fallout 76, you can get any of them:

1. Yum Yum Deviled Eggs

2. Vegetarian Ham

3. Sugar Bombs

4. Salisbury Steak

5. Potato Crisps

6. Pork n Beans

7. Instamash

8. Imitation Seafood

9. Halloween Candy from Monster Mash Event

10. Funnel Cake

11. Fancy Lads Snack Cakes

12. Dandy Boy Apples

13. Cotten Candy Bites

14. Cram

15. Canned Dog Food

16. Cajun Rice and Beans

17. Blanco Brand Mac And Cheese

So, you can pick any of these items around you and you will not have to cook a single item from them before eating in Fallout 76. 

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Where To Find Pre War Food Fallout 76?

Knowing about what Pre War Food is is not all, you must also be aware of the best locations where you can find these food items so that you can get them for yourself in the game. Let us check out all the locations where you have the most chances of obtaining this food. 

1. Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm

If you head to the Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm and there is no one controlling this workshop, you can make your claim on it, and there you can get 20 food items every hour using the food packaging machine that is available there. 

To get these items, you need to move along the west of the in-game map where you have to go in the southward direction of Point Pleasant. 

2. Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

Mama Dolce, in Morgantown, has scattered the Pre War Food all over the area. This is the place where the food is given to the public during an event in the game. And, if you also take part in this event, you will get a lot more food on its accomplishment. 

3. Whitespring

Finally, the Whitespring which is a large country club as well as a golf course that you will find in the northwest direction of the Foundation. But what is Foundation? It is the region for finding the Settler Faction where many vault hunters visit but you can still find a lot of canned goods in this area if you carefully look around in the central resort building and the golf club. 

Do not forget to check out the garbage cans because they usually contain a good amount of Pre War Food, all you have to do is rinse them off to clean the dirt, and then you can have them. 

Wrap Up

These were the major places where it is guaranteed that you will find Pre War food in Fallout 76. Finding these items is not difficult as long as you know where you have to look for them. We hope that now you will also be able to find plenty of it for yourself. If there is any other thing related to Fallout 76 that you wish to know, then do not forget to tell us in the comments section so that we can help you with the same.

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