19 Apps Like Panda Helper | Best Download Alternatives

19 Apps Like Panda Helper | Best Download Alternatives

Panda Helper is a 3rd-party App Store, just like the others you’ll see below. It allows you to jailbreak or buy apps you might not otherwise be able. Panda Helper provides a large selection of options. But, what if the app you want isn’t there? We ask: “What apps can be similar to Panda Helper?”

Apps such as Panda Helper from 3rd party app stores provide free access and paid games and apps.

Many of these apps can be used on both Android and iOS. Apps can be downloaded without rooting or jailbreaking. Sileo or TweakBox can be used as alternatives.

Panda Helper is similar to other apps, providing updates as soon as they are released by the developers. We are curious to see what other options exist so we have compiled a list you will love to explore. Continue reading for more information.

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Top Apps Like Panda Helper in 2022

Panda helper may be the best 3rd-party app store, but it is also open for other 3rd-party app stores. This opens up more options. These apps can help you solve problems using panda Helper. These apps are 9 of the most similar to pandahelper.


This is where you can find hacked/ mobbed Android apps. This app is not available to iOS users. This site is only accessible for Android users. Almost every tweaked/hacked/morphed app can be found here. It is extremely user-friendly, and it works well.


TweakBox is the name most often found on lists. Because it’s the best choice of all the options, this is why. It is user-friendly and has a large selection of apps and games.

TweakBox is available both for iOS and Android users. You can even choose from a range of emulators. It is also very fast in downloading, which makes it a high-ranking option on our list. Youtube++, Spotify++, InstaXtreme and other services can be accessed.


Sileo are only available for iOS users. Sileo provides apps for iOS 11, 12, 13 and 14. This app offers 64-bit compatible products. It can be used with iOS 14.

Its interface is very similar with Panda Helper. This makes it an excellent alternative to Panda Helper. Unfortunately, this option is not compatible with Android apps.


Zeus is a new option that iOS users have access to but it’s not available for everyone. It is quickly becoming a leader and well-known for offering quality services, especially when it comes accessing your favourite apps and mods.

Zeus also offers emulators, screen recorders and unofficial content, which you might not be able to access through an official AppStore. Zeus’ legacy jailbreaking function is another reason why it is growing in popularity.


Another unofficial iOS app store is available. This is a great place to start if you want to search for hacks and tweaked apps. TweakDoor is unique in that you don’t have need to jailbreak your device to download any of the available apps.

TweakDoor provides many modded and up-to-date apps at your disposal. This app does NOT require you sign in with Apple ID as other options. This is a great feature as Apple does NOT have the right to track you.


There are some drawbacks to 25pp. You should be aware that 25pp is not the only option for finding your apps.

25pp is very easy to use. These apps are completely free and simple to install. There are some downsides. The default language for 25pp is Chinese. It will be necessary to change this to English before you can begin.


AppCake is another option for iOS users. You might be wondering why there are so many iOS applications. Many iOS apps and games cannot be downloaded free of charge, as opposed to Android users who can download many apps for free.

Appcake is another app store. This will require your device to be jailbroken. The many options you have make it worth the effort. You can easily install IPA files to your iPhone and iPad with this platform.


CokernutX, another new contender, is now available to iOS and Android users. This platform is fantastic because it doesn’t require either an Apple ID nor a jailbroken device. Spotify++ and Youtube++ are just a few of the options.

Even though the platform isn’t very popular, it is still a great third-party app store. It isn’t as popular because it has one the largest collectionss of apps and games. And it is completely free.


Hipster, which is compatible with both iOS 12 and 13, offers another flexible option. Only iOS 12 or 13 can be used to access the apps on this platform.

The top apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded from this platform. They are all free. All the apps can be accessed without jailbreaking your iOS device.

Hipster, just like other apps, is simple to use. It also securely downloads your applications. This platform doesn’t require that you share your personal information. Hipster is a result of all the information available and the large number of apps.

Asterix Installer

Asterix installation is another option available for both iOS and Android users. This option is easy to understand and use, as are many others. You don’t need to jailbreak the device.

There are many mods and apps that can be added to the device. Different apps can be downloaded to personalize your device. The amazing selection of themes available for free can be viewed here.


AppValley offers a good alternative to Panda Helper. There are many modded apps and games available. You can also download many books and music genres.

AppValley offers safety and security features, just like other platforms on this list. These will help ensure that you are safe while using the app and games offered by the platform. It’s something that we take for granted but is important to know.

You can also find unofficial apps on it that the official Apple AppStore doesn’t accept.


Emus4u, another excellent app store, was built with iOS 12 users and iOS 11 customers. Since then, Android users have been able to access it.

Apps can be downloaded free of cost from the app store. Accessing the app store doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device.


iOS users have another option, AppEven. It is worth exploring. This app store works with all iOS versions. Most other apps only support a few versions.

A wide variety of modified and unique applications can be downloaded from the store. Mods to paid applications can be downloaded for free. Access to modified games via the AppStore is also possible.


TutuApp, a 3rd-party app store, is a well-known brand. It has millions of apps, and you can download and browse them all as often as you want. It is compatible both with iOS and Android users. This makes it even easier to use.

The platform allows you to choose between original and modified versions of the applications. It’s also possible to use the platform without jailbreaking your iOS device.


Aptoide, an alternative Android app marketplace, has been a major game-changer. It is also available to iOS users. It is used by more than 200,000,000 people worldwide and has been downloaded over 6 billion times. It is a major player in the mobile app industry.

Aptoide is unique among other app stores. It’s focused on social collaboration, and offers recommendations to developers and customers. It provides incentives for OEMs and developers to offer the best options.


FtiOS, an unofficial iOS app store, is now available. It has the same apps available as the AppStore. They can be modified, some are not official, but still have additional features.

FtiOS provides a great feature for iPad users with larger screen sizes. Split-screen allows you scroll independently on each side of your screen. You can choose from several themes, including a dark theme.


HappyMod, another third party store, is available only for Android users. According to their website HappyMod for iOS can only be found everywhere. HappyMod, along with all other like apps allows you to download modified games and apps free of cost from their store.

A wide selection of apps and games are available. They also offer lightning-fast downloading speeds. They take pride in providing safe and secure service. They make it easy to download their apps and games without worrying about malware.


iPABox is a great option to Panda Helper. It is the oldest and most trusted app store. It is always up to date and ahead its competitors. It hosts thousands upon thousands of apps and games that are not officially licensed.

The store is free to use, but does accept donations from customers or ads. All future updates will be provided to you for no cost.

Mojo installer

The top-rated third part app is now available for ios devices. With an enormous collection of mobbed/hacked/tweaked apps. You don’t need to jailbreak an ios device. This was designed specifically for devices that do not have jailbreak capability. The apps have a similar interface to the original store.

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Panda Helper, a unique tool, is unrivalled. Panda Helper is undoubtedly the most trusted app store for Android and iOS. Panda Helper is great for its trustworthiness and safety.

It doesn’t matter if you root it or jailbreak your phone to make it work.

Many people love this free, unlimited source of modded apps. There are many options, as you’ve seen. Take the time to go through the list and find the one that fits you best.

These options are just as valuable and useful as Panda Helper. We hope you are able to find the best one. You can access apps and games for free through these app stores. But, you might consider spending some money and purchasing the app. I know developers will be grateful.

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