5 Best Indian Credit Card Bill Payment Apps | With Cashback Offers

Best Indian Credit Card Bill Payment Apps

Credit cards can be a great way for you to make payments. You get discounts and reward points for every purchase. You can get rewarded by using certain payment apps for paying your credit cards bills. 

These are the top Best Indian Credit Card Bill Payment Apps that offer cashback or other incentives for paying your credit cards bill.

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Best Indian Credit Card Bill Payment Apps That Offer Cashback

  • 1. CRED
  • 2. Amazon
  • 3. Paytm
  • 4. Mobikwik
  • 5. PhonePe

You can pay your credit card bill using the app or internet banking. You can settle your bill instantly with no hassles. It can be tedious if you have multiple cards. This method doesn’t offer any rewards.

There are many new payment apps that allow you to pay your credit card bills easily. With the new payment apps, you can pay and manage all your credit cards from one location. You also get cashback and other helpful offers.

These are the top credit card payment apps in India that you can use to pay your bills and get cashback or rewards.

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Cred is India’s top-rated bill payment app for credit cards. Cred coins are a reward for every bill you pay. These coins can be used to redeem for offers.

After paying a minimum of Rs1000, one can get mystery cashback. Cash rewards can be claimed for as low as Rs1000 The app offered good rewards in the beginning, but these are now drastically reduced. Don’t expect to receive huge rewards.

Bill PaymentEarn *Up to*
Rs1,000Rs1,000 (5 times/ month)

Cred also allows you to connect your Gmail account to auto-grab credit cards statements. However, privacy concerns may prevent you from using this feature. A unique referral program offers Rs750 cashback for referring friends.

Cred requires you to have good credit to register.


  • Pay your credit card bill through UPI (or net banking) (min. Rs10)
  • Receive mystery cashback on your bill payments
  • Smart statement, payment reminders, credit score improvement
  • Rent with your credit card

Steps to Use

  1. Register with Cred and you can add your card.
  2. Navigate to the Cards section. Tap Pay Now to activate the card.
  3. Enter the amount, and you can pay using Cred UPI, UPI apps that are popular, or via net banking.
  4. If you are successful, you can claim your mystery cashback.

Android iOS

2. Amazon

You can shop and pay for mobile bills and credit cards through Amazon. Unlike Cred, you don’t get assured cashback. You do receive occasional rewards, however.

Amazon Pay > Your Rewards will show you offers on credit card bill payment. These offers will also be available in the Credit Card Bill section. You cannot use Amazon Pay balance for credit card bills.


  • You can pay your credit card bill by UPI or via net banking (min. Rs100)
  • Cashback on occasion for card bill payments
  • Credit score no cost

Steps to Use

  1. Open the Amazon app from your smartphone.
  2. Visit the Amazon Pay section.
  3. Click here to activate your Credit Card Bill.
  4. You can check if there are any banners advertising offers on the bill payment page.
  5. You can add your card to Amazon Pay UPI or any other UPI ID and pay the bill through net banking.

Android iOS

3. Paytm

Paytm, India’s most used payment app, is quite popular. You can use it to pay almost any type of bill, even credit card payments. It doesn’t offer permanent cashback, but it is currently offering a limited-time promotion.

You can also get a scratchcard worth as much as 1 lakh cashback points for bill payments exceeding Rs5000. You will receive a minimum 1,000 points for every card transaction. 1 lakh cashback points equals Rs1,000.

Cashback offers may change from time to time. Before you make the payment, verify. Paytm allows you to pay your bills with debit cards, except Mastercard and VISA.


  • Pay your credit card bill using Paytm balance or UPI debit cards or net banking (min. Rs1)
  • Sometimes, you can earn rewards for paying your bills
  • Reminders for your bills every other day
  • Rent with your credit card
  • Credit score no cost

Steps to Use

  1. Go to Credit Card Bill Payment Page by opening Paytm. 
  2. If you have not already added your card number, enter it. You can also look out for banners offering discounts.
  3. Tap Proceed and enter the amount of your bill.
  4. You can pay by the method you prefer.

Android iOS

4. Mobikwik

Mobikwik app offers Supercash rewards every time you pay your credit cards bill. This Supercash can be used later (up to 5 percent per transaction) and you can also make other payments through the app.

You can also pay your credit card bill with your debit card, in addition to UPI. This is useful if you need to meet spending milestones with your debit card. You can also pay with Mobikwik wallet. This comes at a convenience fee 1.5% + GST.

Mobikwik was also affected by a data breach. Some users also reported delays in credit card payments. Keep this in mind.


  • You can pay your credit card bill by debit card, UPI and Mobikwik (minimum. Rs1)
  • Supercash for each bill payment

Steps to Use

  • Open the Mobikwik App.
  • Select All Services, tap Credit Card
  • If you have not entered your credit card details, please do so.
  • If applicable, enter the amount and use a coupon.
  • You can pay with UPI, Mobikwik wallet or debit card

Android iOS

5. PhonePe

PhonePe also offers credit card bill payments. Up to Rs. 1000 cashback is available on scratch cards You get 1000 cashback when you pay bills. This is similar to how you would receive cashback if someone else pays you or makes other transactions. It’s simple to use UPI to pay most credit card bills.


  • Pay your credit card bill using UPI (min. Rs1)
  • Spend your bill payments with scratchcards
  • Rent with your credit card

Steps to Use

  1. Open the PhonePe App.
  2. Tap Credit Card Bill Under Recharge & Pay Bills.
  3. Enter your mobile number and credit card number.
  4. Next, enter the amount you wish to pay.

Android iOS

Redeem your Credit Card Bills

These are the top credit card bill payment app in India, offering cashback and rewards for your card bills. Cred, with its many features, is still a popular option. Amazon has occasional offers, however, is a better choice.

It is a good idea to look at all available apps and decide which one to use. Which one do you prefer? Do you have any other apps to recommend? Please leave a comment below.

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