‘9-1-1’ Boss: Maddie and Chimney Reunite in an Unexpected Way

Maddie and Chimney Reunite in an Unexpected Way

9-1-1 is back, and we’re now close to getting those answers that we’ve all been looking for to a single question Where has Maddie ( Jennifer Love Hewitt) been, and what’s the next step after Chimney ( Kenneth Choi) can locate her?

Maddie was absent early in the year due to concern that it was not appropriate for her to be with her and Chimney’s daughter. She was soon gone following her, even though she sent, and the last time was seen, he was trying to locate her. This all is changed in the episode of March 28, “Boston.”

Showrunner Kristen Reidel gives a preview of what’s in store in the future for Maddie and Chimney and how the season will conclude.

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Maddie and Chimney Reunite in an Unexpected Way

“Boston” Chimney’s determined to locate Maddie amid all the chaos of St. Patrick’s Day. What are you able to play with?

Kristen Reidel: Maddie’s been missing for six months, and Chimney was gone for nearly all of that time. Much of this episode will be about the journey to where we are today as well as how we arrived at Boston and more importantly, Maddie’s recovery and getting ready to come home and Chimney’s sense of desperate attempt to locate her. Then, fate comes through.

Do we see flashbacks that build towards the present, or will we be able to hear more about it than actually seeing it?

We’ll be seeing flashbacks. We’ll begin with Maddie at the point where we left her with the message to Chimney. We begin there and then swiftly travel through time to locate her in the present day on St Patrick’s Day. Also, it is evident that Chimney is also located in Boston seeking her out, and they will meet one and unexpectedly.

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What do you think of their relationship moving forward? It could be a good idea to encourage them to seek out therapy.

Maddie is definitely in therapy. A chimney should probably be. However, a significant portion of the latter part of the season revolves around the relationship and how to keep it going because the truth is they were not together for six months and not separated, and he wasn’t sure the location of where she was. This creates some problems in their relationship with each other, and it’s going to take them a while to determine the best way forward will be for them.

What’s happening to both of them in terms of work? I’m guessing Chimney will be working when he returns; however, Maddie was not at work when last we observed.

Correct. Chimney will return to the 118 earlier than later. Maddie needs some time to handle emergencies from other people as she’s emerging from only having dealt with her own. We’ll be seeing her on the phone sometime this season.

I’d like to see her and May (Corinne Massiah) working together.

Yes. There will be some intriguing combinations at the phone center later during the year.

I love that you’re keeping Hen ( Aisha Hinds ) and Chimney’s friendship alive, even in his absence, but what’s coming up once he returns? Will he lean on Hen with everything that’s going on with Maddie?

We’ll first be seeing Hen and Chimney returning the same way we’re used to seeing them and how we’ve been missing their presence. There’s a new episode that’s coming later during the show that’ll focus on Hen and Chimney as a couple working together. I’m looking forward to the possibility of it.

Angela Bassett (who plays Athena Grant) was a guest star in Lone Star. Are there any crossovers that you can hint at?

I’m not sure. It won’t be a complete crossover as we did two years. The schedule simply won’t permit it, but there is something we’ve discussed, whether there is something smaller, similar to the way we handled Angela that might happen with Lone Star? It’s still a mystery.

What other things can you think of to look forward to regarding the remainder of this season? Any crazy calls?

There are a lot of fun things happening. We’ll be doing a couple of amusing moments during the Boston episode because it’s Boston during St Patrick’s Day. Then, moving to the future, we’ll have an episode on the fear that includes everything you’re scared of: sharks, spiders, and other things that can bump in the dark. There’s a massive call center-related case towards the close of the year. There will be a huge fire. Then we’ll have kinds of fun poppy cases such as that of an Instagram influencer who was involved in an accident online.

Who will be the most affected by a phone call that is coming?

I’m convinced that the fire at the call center will be a major event for Bobby Peter Krause. Peter Krause, the call center manager. The family he lost to the fire, and now he has a surrogate daughter in the burning building.

What will happen if Bobby and Athena remain the stable couple for the duration of the series?

Yes. There’s a lot planned to help them move forward in the second half. However, I believe that at the moment, given the things they’ve gone through during the first part of the season, they’ve probably needed to take a break.

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Plus, When do you think Eddie admits to anyone?

Are you planning to put Athena through any kind of craziness at work?

We’re going to play together with Athena at the bottom of the. It’s like she could benefit from it.

We’re also getting ready for the season’s finale. Do you have anything to discuss?

There will be some significant shifts during the final. The show is dubbed “Starting over” and the concept behind this. It’s been a season that has seen lots of changes and uncertainty. The team was kind of disintegrating. So the goal by the close of the season is to bring everyone into a better starting point no matter who it is, Eddie and Maddie, Hen and Karen [Tracie Thoms], just thinking about following a very hectic year, having a new beginning.

Do we expect to see Albert ( John Harlan Kim) any time soon?

There is a chance. We can be seeing him in the second portion of the season in a few episodes. For our viewers, John Harlan Kim is an extremely talented actor that would like to be hired for their entire productions. So we’ve faced problems with scheduling.

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