After Joe Millionaire Finale, One Couple Has Already Broken Up, While The Other Took A Big Step

After Joe Millionaire Finale, One Couple Has Already Broken Up, While The Other Took A Big Step

Joe Millionaire Steven McBee and Average Joe Kurt Sowers have made their final decisions on the shocking season conclusion in the reboot of Fox’s Joe Millionaire. Richer or Less.

The thing that could be surprising than McBee picking a difficult-to-understand Calah Jackson in favor of Annie Jorgensen, and Sowers selecting Amanda Pace over the season-long lead Carolyn Moore is that these final relationships already have gone in totally different direction. 

One couple had already split when the show’s finale aired, and the other couple moved a significant step ahead.

Let’s look at where the two couples are now, in the wake of the final episode of the season Don’t fret that relationship is still alive in full force.

Kurt and Amanda The two broke up soon after Joe Millionaire’s filming ended

The reality that Kurt Sowers turned out not to be the millionaire did not make a difference to Amanda Pace, who came from a substantial fortune in her own family. 

The thing that was surprising in what happened on the Joe Millionaire season finale: Richer or poorer episode’s finale is the fact that Sowers chose Pace instead of Carolyn Moore. Sowers told the show that he hoped that the relationship between Pace and Moore would erupt in real life.

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However, the exact opposite happened with Pace. New York City designer. Pace was interviewed to The reality Steve show about the reason the relationship ended so swiftly:

I’m attuned to what I am and what I’m looking for, but I feel that Kurt was not emotionally present. I believe that it could be because of the show it’s quite. 

You’re insecure, likely to not expect to be with a complete relationship when you go on. I I’m not sure. And I believe he may have been overwhelmed. 

I believe the guy was trying to make sense of it all and I couldn’t feel the same connection we felt on the show.

It might not have worked to the best of their abilities the way it did for Amanda Pace and Kurt Sowers But at least Sowers did find that the man of his fantasies by partnering with Steven McBee. Talking about the real Joe Millionaire…

Steven McBee And Calah Jackson Are Moving In Together

However, Calah Jackson seemed to have difficulty letting her guard down at the show’s beginning. It appeared that Steven McBee’s relationship with Annie Jorgensen was only continuing to develop. 

But, McBee cracked the Calah Code and the couple continues to go well today, having have revealed the news to Reality Steve that Jackson recently relocated to Missouri. 

McBee revealed that they have just purchased the house located in Kansas City and will split their time between the new residence and his farm home in Gallatin.

Steven McBee and Calah Jackson’s relationship has grown as Joe Millionaire ended, the farm CEO said to the TV Insider However, they struggled to keep their relationship private when the show was running:

Being unable to communicate with one another or even go out in the public realm has made our relationship difficult, but our bond has been stronger than ever before since the show’s end. 

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We’re both people who prefer slow things and aren’t the type to jump on the bandwagon in relationships. 

As a result, when we came off our show we realized that we shared a strong connection, and we wanted to know how it performed in real life and it was more successful than we ever imagined, to the point where Calah is currently living with me. We’re interviewing in my office on farm Gallatin, Missouri.

Calah Jackson told Reality Steve that her lease was expiring on her Dallas home shortly after filming had ended the film, and “it seemed right” to relocate to Missouri. 

The couple is moving slowly, Steven McBee said it was crucial for them both to not keep their relationship for long.

Moving her to this area and assessing how we’re going to get along together was vital in our decision to see how our relationship develops.

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