Latest AL Roker Deborah Roberts Son Update - Here’s What You Should Know

Latest AL Roker Deborah Roberts Son Update – Here’s What You Should Know

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts are awestruck by the son, Nick. On the 21st of March, an ABC News correspondent posted a beautiful picture of the Today show’s weatherman and the youngest of their children. 

Coming to the AL Roker Deborah Roberts Son, In the photo, Al and Nick sit together in their home. The father-son pair both are smiling at the cameras. “My boys! #Blessed,” Deborah captioned the sweet family photo.

Then, shortly after, the Today anchor posted his photo alongside Nick on his personal Instagram. “When did this guy become this big? And gorgeous? and funny? And nice? And clever?” He wrote it alongside.

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After watching Al send the picture with the most heartfelt text, Deborah stopped in to gently answer his questions regarding Nick. “He was always like this. But he was a grown-up! ” she commented.

The sweet conversation between the parents warms the hearts of their fans, including fellow meteorologist Hollie Strano. “

Wonderful family! This is the END,” she wrote. Other people also could not get enough of the touching family moment. “Great parents with many love and affection and setting an excellent example ,” an person wrote. 

“He’s everything due to the great parents who have. ,” another added. “Time flies. They grow up so quickly. Be grateful for the little things and the moment. ,” a different fan told me.

Although Al isn’t as prolific in posting pictures of the family as Deborah does, he never misses the chance to show his pride in their 19-year-old son. 

In December, Al and Deborah proudly revealed that Nick was accepted into college. “I was accepted. I’m not kidding,” the college bound student wrote via the Instagram video. “I’m excited!”

A few minutes later, Deborah found herself trying to “hold the tears” as she shared her “good good news” in The View. 

“Many people know that we’ve been in a journey with our son Nick who, throughout his life has had to deal with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and other impairments,” she said on the program. 

“But Nick has done numerous amazing things … Nick recently received a college acceptance.”

Although Nick hasn’t yet revealed the school he’ll attend in the fall, He’s received two college acceptance notices — it’s evident that both Deborah and Al have been enjoying each minute with him during the interim. 

As the couple, who have been married for 26 years, are preparing to empty their nests (they’ve already sent their child, Leila Ruth to university! ) Fans are certainly in the mix.

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Is Al Roker son special needs?

This is an exciting moment this is a huge win for Roker and the rest of his family as Nick was diagnosed with autism and has had difficulties achieving milestones throughout the years. Previous to this, Roker has shared on Today Show some of the difficulties Nick is facing as a person on the autism spectrum and how he has managed to overcome the challenges.

Where did Al Roker’s son get accepted?

The Today anchor also wrote about Nick’s announcement through social media. In an intimate video posted on Instagram the new freshman informs his parents that the school accepted him even as they walked away from the camera.

How old is Deborah Roberts Al Roker’s wife?

The wife of Al Roker Today is Deborah Roberts, 60, is half her age when she showcases her impressive hidden talents

Do you know if Robin Roberts and Deborah Roberts related?

Deborah Roberts and Robin Roberts are not related . They just have a common last name.

How many children do Al Roker and Deborah Roberts have

Learn about the “Today” Star’s Three Children Courtney, Leila and Nicholas.

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