All Radio Towers Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 features several Radio Towers that can be activated to reveal the locations of Inhibitors in Villedor. The towers are only accessible after you’ve completed The “Broadcast” Story mission, in which you’re handed an opportunity to use the Grappling Hook, there’s six towers scattered around Villedor. This is everything you should be aware of.

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Historical Communications Tower

Historical Communications Tower Historical Communications Tower is in Downtown close to the northwest part of the city. You will need the Paraglider to get there and use the wind gusts that blow between the buildings.

Newfound Land Military Relay

The tower is situated in the southernmost region in the area, Newfound Lost Lands. There are a few inhibitors within chests in this flooding area, so it’s worth the effort. It’s easy to reach the top of the area with your Paraglider.

North Loop Radio Tower

The North Loop Radio Tower is located near The Metro Station in The Wharf and will be active throughout the main storyline in “Nightrunners.”

Saint Joseph Medical Radio Relay

This radio tower is the only one within Old Villedor, so you must go back to the beginning area late in the game to locate it. It’s right in the middle between Trinity as well as Houndfield.

South Loop Radio Tower

South Loop Radio Tower South Loop Radio Tower is located in Lower Dam Ayre and will be among the most difficult towers to climb, requiring the maximum stamina and endurance.

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VNC Radio Tower

Garrison’s VNC Building located in Garrison is the tallest in the game, and it is the first tower that can be unlocked upon the main story’s completion within “Broadcast.”

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