Adam and Rebekah

Are Adam and Rebekah still together?

“WeCrashed” is a drama series about WeWork, a workspace-sharing company. It is also about the couple whose relationship played an important role in the company’s early years. The show features entrepreneur Adam Neumann ( Jared Leto) and Rebekah; a yoga instructor turned actress ( Anne Haway), who embark on a romantic relationship Adam and Rebekah. The latter helps boost the former’s confidence while he tries to build his next company.

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It’s interesting to see the real-life counterparts of some of the characters in the Apple TV+ series. The couple at the heart of the story is the best to explore. Let’s see if Adam and Rebekah are still together.

Are Adam and Rebekah still married?

Rebekah met Adam through a friend in 2007. The first meeting was quite dramatic. Rebekah, Adam’s co-founder of WeWork, stated that he met Rebekah in 2007 at Barch College, New York, for a commencement speech.

It seems like things became more friendly between them after that. Adam and Rebekah got married in 2008! Their parents gave Rebekah and Adam Neumann $1 million as a wedding gift. This money was used to fund WeWork’s first office. Rebekah was then named the third co-founder of the company (along with Miguel McKelvey and Miguel McKelvey).

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Rebekah and Adam briefly relocated to Tel Aviv after the financial crash at WeWork in 2019. The couple received $1.7 billion in WeWork’s termination. The Neumanns returned to the United States in May 2020. The couple has sold at least three of their six properties since leaving WeWork. This includes a California estate and a Westchester mansion.

All reports confirm that Adam is still with Rebekah in their relationship. A June 2021 profile shows that they live with their five children in Amagansett, Hamptons, next to Rebekah’s cousin Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Adam claims that he is working on a “whole new empire of property,” and Adam says he’s also working on funding start-ups. He bought Miami retail property worth $17 million in January 2022. There is speculation that he may be working on WeLive, the residential version of WeWork, which will provide shared accommodation services.

Rebekah, who had just returned to the U.S. from their trip, delved into WeGrow, WeWork’s educational arm, and purchased its curriculum. It was home to about 100 children before it was closed. The plan was to revive the elementary school as Student of Life For Life (pronounced “soulful”). There are no further developments reported on the project.

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