Are Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes Still Together

Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes

Based on the popular Danish reality show’ Married at First Sight, It puts a humorous twist on other romance television shows because it combines completely unrelated people as part of an attempt to make a difference in the world. Coupled by experts, the couples meet one their first time at the altar, at which point they are married before being taken on a honeymoon. After their honeymoon, they live as a normal couple, deciding whether they would like to keep the experiment or call it a day.

Season 9 introduced a completely new group of couples that didn’t fail to bring us romance, drama, and heartbreaks. Of all the couples they starred in, the duo comprised of Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes was the most notable since what appeared to be the start of a happily “married relationship” for them was turned into something slightly more turbulent and dramatized. If you’re invested in this couple and would like to know the latest information about their status, we have you covered. We will share everything we have to know!

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Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes’s wedding day Married at First Sight

Jessica Seracino hails from Victoria, Melbourne, and is an assistant to the retail industry and florist who took part in the social experiment looking for a lasting marriage with her parents. The 27-year-old was married to the 30-year-old Queensland-based Personal trainer Daniel Holmes — who was seeking an ally who was compatible — the people who paired the two believed they did well.

Chemistry was evident immediately after gazing into each other’s eyes. Jessica and Daniel were in love immediately they got married. Daniel declared, “She looks like the kind of girl who is aware of what she wants and could challenge me a bit. I’m very happy.” The bond strengthened as they walked towards their wedding day and bonded more deeply in the aftermath of the loss of their siblings.


But things turned sour shortly before the end of the evening as Jessica was jokingly telling Daniel about what she’d wear to the “real ceremony.” After hearing this and imagining that she’s not as committed to this as Daniel does, Daniel stormed out and went on to vent. This was when the enticing-looking wedding began to show signs of weakness. As he walked back to Jessica, she explained what she was trying to convey by her earlier comment and suggested that he could have asked her questions about the issue instead of panicking.

It was the first of many occasions of Jessica and Daniel’s turbulent marriage. Although they reconciled following this incident, the couple struck another low in an Honesty Box game. After Daniel declared that, while Jessica is his ideal, she’s far from being his “dream woman,” Jessica asked him what she could alter her appearance to become more of his kind. If Daniel could not answer this question, she described him as a “little idiot.” The fight grew worse at the dinner when she refused to let other contestants know about the incident and gave Daniel no opportunity to stand up for himself.

In this way, Daniel found some comfort and a sense of reassurance in flirtatious conversations with a cast member known as Carolina Santos. The first commitment ceremony was set to take place; Jessica wanted to leave; however, Daniel was willing to give their relationship another chance and decided to stay. That meant that they had to stay on the show for a week at a minimum. Much to the dismay of fans who loved the duo, there was no way to work.

So, Jessica told Daniel that there was no return for her on the following day. She then snatched her bag and left the event despite his efforts at changing her decision. When Jessica was able to return to the night with the girls, she was shocked to hear that she was in love with Daniel and Carolina and expressed her displeasure. So, where do their relationship now? Let’s discover!

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Are Jessica and Daniel Still together?

Yes, Jessica and Daniel have not been together and have split for a good reason. Following their brief romance during the reality show, the couple could not connect well, even after the cameras stopped rolling. They were not without their quirks because their personalities clashed against each other more than they mingled with one another. Also, Daniel engaged in sexually explicit interactions with Caroline was not helping the situation either. They grew apart quickly in a messy fashion.

However, the people who are fans of Daniel are likely to be pleased to learn that he’s currently enjoying a wonderful union with Carolina. Daniel admitted that there was an instant connection between them when they first got together at a dinner party at the end of the week. The Personal Trainer does not shy from sharing their friends through social media platforms, noting the joy he feels to have had the opportunity to meet her.

For Jessica, she was seen shopping with a mysterious man in March 2022. But as opposed to Daniel, Jessica has not revealed her relationship status to date. Although the Australian-based reality star hasn’t shared much information about what she’s been doing these days, we’re certain that she’s changed her mind about everything that happened during the social experiment. Jessica has made it clear with a gorgeous photo with a cheeky caption, “I hope that your next match will be better than the first.”

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