5 Best Daggers in Elden Ring | Where to Find Them

Elden Ring allows players to obtain daggers, which are useful weapons. These weapons cannot be used in head-to-head encounters because they are very short-ranged.

For maximum efficiency, dagger users must use sneaky tactics to try and land critical hits on their enemy. This is why daggers are among the most difficult to use weapons in the game.

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Elden Ring provides a variety of daggers for players. A list of five extremely powerful daggers is provided in this article that all gamers who want to use this weapon type must have.

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Every dagger that players should try chasing in Elden Ring

  • Misericorde

Misericorde is one of the most impressive daggers Elden Ring has to present. Misericorde is arguably the weapon with the longest range of any other in its class.

The weapon can be infused with Ashes of War. This allows it to have a wider range of capabilities. The weapon’s critical damage is 140, which is probably the most significant weapon in the game.

Location: Obtained at Stormveil Castle.

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  • Bloodstained Dagger

It is known that the Bleed status effect in Elden Ring is completely broken. Therefore, any weapon with Bleed as a passive is allowed to be used in the game.

This is also true of Bloodstained Dagger. However, the weapon offers something more. It has a surprising amount of strength, considering that it only requires nine stats.

This weapon’s strength scaling, combined with the Bleed effect, allows you to build a variety of weapons.

Location Rare drop from Demihuman chiefs

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  • Black Knife

    This dagger can be used by players if they’re going to Elden Ring for faith builds. This weapon is not meant to be used by faith users.

Black Knife is equipped with a special skill, the Blade of Death. When players use it, projectiles can be fired, reducing the target’s total health and dealing additional damage over time.

This skill is broken against end-game bosses. Because it has the same range as other spells or incantations, players can keep a safe distance. It cannot be infused with any magic or enchanted.

Location Defeat Black Knife Assassin on Sainted Hero’s Grave.

  • Reduvia

Rejuvia is another Elden Ring weapon that deals severe Bleed damage to its enemies. The player base considers this weapon one of the best early-to-mid-game weapons.

Its weapon art, Reduvia Blood Blade, can shoot projectiles similar to Black Knife. This causes bleeding to be inflicted quickly. Its range is limited.

Reduvia may also be lost towards the end-game, but players can still use it as a pocket choice.

Location: Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave.

  • Scorpion’s Stinger

The last weapon in this list, Scorpion’s Stinger, can inflict Scarlet Rot.

Ideally, the rot will be quite strong. Due to its high dexterity scaling, gamers may use it for similar builds.

Location Grand Cloister.

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