10 of the Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Minecraft Prison Servers

The players who invest real cash in advancing on prison servers earn rewards. Some of the rewards aren’t that great, such as more expensive items, access to special mines, and a lot additional. There is a myriad of Best Minecraft Prison Servers/Minecraft jail servers available to pick from. All of them can provide you with profitable and fun gaming experiences. Many servers have modern features that make gameplay significantly more exciting.

If you’re still unsure what to pick, You’re at the right spot. However, we’ve provided not just a few but also 10 of the most popular Minecraft Prison Servers that you will surely enjoy and should certainly test.

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Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Minecraft Prison Servers

Let’s begin with the top 10 Minecraft Prison Servers you must test.

Purple Prison

IP Address: purpleprison.com

If you’re searching for an incredible prison server, is there anything more impressive other than Purple Prison? Purple Prison is a game mode where players can level up through activities like building, mining, dealing with fellow players and many more. It’s a simple way to start. Each day, for four hours, the server hosts huge automated PvP games.

Purple Prison is the gold standard in Minecraft for Prison servers. Another reason why it is the Purple Prison Server has become considered one of the most well-known prison servers is its clean community. The server has been in high demand for a long time, and many celebrities have joined to help it grow to new heights. You must give the server a go.

MC Prison

IP Address: mc.prisonfun.com

This list would not be complete without mentioning one of the first prison servers to get the ball rolling. “MC Prison” is among the most well-known and popular prison servers. With this server’s flexibility, it is possible to do virtually everything you’d like to accomplish in prison.

Prison cells guard Gangs, and more are found on the premises. It’s very exciting, and it’s also one of the most storied prisons.

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IP Address: play.jailsmc.net

An extremely high-quality OP-Prison Server with no issues or lags and a great team. In terms of creativity, the server is a winner. Everything; there are many interesting things to do. Even if you’re a skilled player, you’ll discover innovative and thrilling activities to explore with this map.

Pickaxes that explode, lightning pickaxes, and a tool that could unleash hostile mobs that attack enemies are just a few of the amazing enchantments available in the game server.

Minecraft Prison Servers

Blocks OP

IP Address: play.opblocks.com

The OP Blocks game is a Minecraft prison built entirely from candy. It may seem odd initially. However, trust me when I declare it to be awe-inspiring. As you progress in rank the ranks, you’ll be able to unleash a brand new and vibrant candy-themed mine.

Everything runs very easily. If you’re looking for something different and exciting, This is the server for you. Many people have enjoyed this, and you will, too.


IP Address: play.pluteria.com

Pluteria is yet another incredible prison server that we are offering to users, and you must consider giving it a go. It’s an amazing server that has numerous interesting options that can keep your attention for hours including. Pluteria is an online Minecraft prison with an added twist.

Players will be able to progress through ten different levels in this game set in space and unlock planets as they go along. The players will spend the bulk of their time on the planets, mining resources in exchange for money. This sounds incredible, isn’t it?


IP Address: minesuperior.com

MineSuperior is an online network that belongs to the next generation. The network was created with players in mind. Concepts are continually being developed.

The aim is to be as simple as it was possible. In the case of the prison game, this has proved to be a popular server.


IP Address: play.pika-network.net

If you’re just starting and seeking to experience some of the top prison servers, this is the server to pick. There’s no time to get bored with PikaNetwork since new content and products are frequently added. Mini-games and events are accessible in this network.


IP Address: server.mineville.org

It’s worth trying with frequent upgrades as well as a very active fan base. Custom enchantments and the player’s level, levels of players, crates, chests, races, jobs, and weddings are all in this game.

  1. Minecraft Central

IP Address: mccentral.org

Minecraft Central is a server that is known for keeping its content up-to-date. It also announces new seasons regularly. It’s recommended to try this server because it provides a personalized experience and reward for votes.

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IP Address: play.tritonpvp.net

TritonPVP provides the most enjoyable Skyblock experience that you can have. It’s an exclusive server that includes modular islands, missions, visually borders and a GUI store.

This was the end of the story. Some of the top Minecraft Prison Servers to try out and fall in love with. It is possible to share your experiences in the comments below. If you have an ideal prison server that you like, Please recommend it to us and everyone else.

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