Best Movesets For Aggron In Pokemon Go| Best Attacks For Aggron

Aggron is a strong pokemon who can compete with your party in battles and raids due to the combination of high attack numbers and even better defense. If you are also willing to add this Pokemon to your list, the first thing you need to know is its best movesets.

The best movesets for Aggron in Pokemon Go are Iron Tail and Heavy Slam when battling pokemon in gyms. These movesets have the higher DPS and it is considered the best movesets in PvP battles. 

Best Movesets For Aggron In Pokemon Go?

Aggron is able to inflict a significant amount of damage. It is capable of learning a number of quick moves and charge techniques, however, it has been determined which moves together do the most DPS. Those moves are:

  • Fast Move: Iron Tail
  • Charge Move: Heavy Slam
  • SmackDown

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Fast Move: Iron Tail

Iron Tail is the fastest move that Aggron is capable of using. It is a steel-type move. Due to the fact that Iron Tail is a Steel-type move and has a damage output of 16.4 damage per second (DPS) and 6.4 EPS, it qualifies for Aggron’s same-type attack bonus. Snow weather strengthens Iron Tail, which damages Fairy, Ice, and Rock kinds more severely.

Charge Move: Heavy Slam

Heavy Slam is the ideal move to employ as a charge move. It is again a steel-type move. Heavy-Slam is a steel-type move, similar to iron tail, and benefits from the same type of attack bonus. Snow weather strengthens Heavy Slam, which damages Fairy, Ice, and Rock kinds more severely.

The heavier the user is relative to the opponent, the more damage is dealt by Heavy Slam. For example, Heavy Slam strikes with 100 base power, if the user is at least 4 times heavier than the target but not more than 5 times. In the event that the target has used minimize, Heavy Slam ignores accuracy and deals twice as much damage.


Instead of using Iron Tail, you might choose to use Smack Down, which has comparable DPS and EPS numbers to Iron Tail if you are trying to counter Ground or Fighting types. 

Pokemon employing Fly or Bounce will have their moves canceled when struck by SmackDown, which will also knock them back to the ground. It can also use Sky Drop to attack Pokemon, but it doesn’t knock them over. Instead of knocking down substitutes, it inflicts standard damage on the substitute.

Additionally, each of these moves has a Same-Type Attack Bonus that increases their damage by 20%.

Is Aggron Good In Pokemon Go?

Aggron, with its high CP (3004) and excellent DEF, and many more interesting features, this Pokemon comes under the list of top 10 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. He actually outperforms Heracross (2928) and Espeon (3000).

Aggron’s twin steel moveset makes it effective against all Fairy and Ice types, but we wouldn’t restrict its application to just two. There are gaps in the present raid lineup that a strong Aggron can fill, especially when facing up against forthcoming Dragon types. Aggron excels in this situation because it receives less damage from most of these attacks.

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To beat any Pokemon, you must first know about its weakness. So, here with this article, you are now familiar with the best counter-attacks which you used against Aggron in order to defeat it. And also with the best movesets of Aggron. We can surely say that this information will surely get you Aggron soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of damages are taken by Aggron?

As Aggron is also weak against some types, it takes the following damages:

  • 51% from Normal, Poison, and flying
  • 71.4% damage from Fairy, Rock, Dragon, Bug, Psychic, and Ice
  • 140% from Water
  • 196% from Fighting and Ground

Which is superior Aggron or Metagross?

Overall, Metagross is well-rounded pokemon, but because it must reach level 45 to evolve from Metang, it is more difficult to get than Aggron. However, because Metagross lacks significant defensive stats and has the necessary attack power, it works better as a sweeper than a wall.

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