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Watched “Against the Ice”? | Now Watch These Similar Movies Like Aginst the Ice

Discover movies similar to Against the Ice here. Alaska, Extortion, Valhalla and many more are movies like Against the Ice. The list contains more than that, so keep reading until the close.

“Against the Ice” is an intriguing film that offers all the thrilling period drama, excitement and terror that you expect from a film with this title.

In a relatively short amount of time, Coster-Waldau, as well as Joe Derrick, set up their story, which is a remake of Arctic Explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen’s book Two Against the Ice, as a gruesome and high-toned adventure tale for boys where the worst thing could and likely will occur even if you’re not expecting it.

5 Best Movies Like Against the Ice

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe flees Britain on a ship after killing a friend over their love for Mary. A powerful storm in the ocean destroys his vessel and leaves the stranded man on an unknown island. The only one left on the island, Crusoe seeks out a possible way to survive until he is reunited with Friday, a tribesman who can save him from being killed.

At first, Crusoe is thrilled to find a new friend; however, he is forced to fight back against the tribe that uses the island as a place to sacrifice tribesmen in their worship of gods. As time passes, their relationship evolves from a slave-master relationship to an accepted friendship, despite differences in religion and culture.

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The Viking children Roskva and Tjalfe embark on a thrilling trip to Midgard up to Valhalla with gods Thor and Loki. However, life in Valhalla is turned into a threat from the fearsome Fenrir Wolf and god’s barbaric archenemies, Jotnar. Together with the gods, the two children must battle to keep Valhalla from destroying the world: Ragnarok.

The Lanier Colony

A charming young man named Horn has escaped from a Dutch ship and is stranded on a tiny island that the gods have abandoned. He constructs a shack near the lake in the mountains and occasionally visits the village to buy items. He enjoys fishing and hunting with his village fool Bekeko. Beautiful Ester is the wife of a young man known as Dribb is often there to visit. A connection of trust forms with Horn and Ester Horn, and he reveals to her why he left his former life.


A doctor is desperate in vain to rescue his wife and their five-year-old son when their trip to the Bahamas turns out to be a surprise.

All I want for Christmas

To become the first girl admitted to Santa school at the age of twelve, Lucia must find a cure for a mysterious illness brought on by the evil Krampus.


These are the top five movies that are similar to Against the Ice. It is easy to find films on various platforms, including Netflix, Amazon prime video and more.

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