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Stocks and Shares ISA 2022 | Self-Select ISAs and Robo Advisor, Managed ISA

Stocks and Shares ISA are divided into two types: Robo-advisors and Self-select ISA (DIY). Below are some of the UK’s top Stocks and Shares ISA platforms.

Best Stocks and Shares ISA 2022 | Self-Select ISAs (Do-It-Yourself Platforms)

You have the option to choose the investments you want in self-select ISAs. You have the choice of selecting individual shares, bonds, or funds and managing your portfolio yourself or choosing from pre-made portfolios.

Below are some comparisons of the top self-selected ISA platforms. Our full price table will help you understand the costs.

Capital at risk. These rules apply to ISAs. Additional charges may apply.

Interactive Investor

Interactive Investor offers more than 40,000 investment options, including funds, investments trusts, ETFs, UK shares, and funds. Every month you get a trade for free, which can purchase or sell any investment. 

You can use it to top up your ISA every month, and there are no trading charges with the regular investing service. You can also choose from various ready-made funds or expert suggestions to help you make the right investment choice. Interactive Investor offers a Trading Account, SIPP, and Junior ISA.

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AJ Bell Youinvest

AJ Bell Youinvest offers thousands of investment options, including funds and investment trusts, as well as ETFs. You can also manage them online and through the mobile app. 

It offers four pre-made portfolios as well as other investment options. AJ Bell Youinvest offers Stocks and Shares ISAs, Junior ISAs, Lifetime ISAs, and Dealing Accounts.

Hargreaves Lansdown

An award-winning ISA will help you get started in investing. Hargreaves Lansdown offers thousands of investment options, including funds, investments trusts, ETFs, UK shares, and funds. You can choose to invest yourself with expert research and ideas, or you can simply select a portfolio. 

You can manage your portfolio online, via an app, or phone. Hargreaves Lansdown also offers Lifetime ISAs, Junior ISAs, Fund and Share Accounts, and SIPP. These services are for investors who feel confident in making their own decisions.

Fineco Bank

Fineco Bank is Europe’s largest bank, boasting over 30,000,000 orders processed each year and 20 years of experience in brokerage. One account allows you to access 26 global markets and trade more than 20,000 financial instruments worldwide.

Trade and invest directly in GBP and EUR, USD, Swiss Franc, and more than 20 currencies. Fineco Bank offers a Trading Account, Stocks and Shares ISA, and a Trading Account.


InvestEngine, a low-cost UK investment platform, offers various portfolios tailored to your needs and commission-free DIY investing. This will help you to build long-term wealth. You can invest in more than 250 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from Vanguard, iShares, and other top brands. 

InvestEngine allows you to invest in two different ways, depending on your level of investing knowledge. Beginners or people who want to build a portfolio from scratch can choose one of the Managed Portfolios. The team of experts at InvestEngine will manage all aspects of your investment decisions. These portfolios are subject to a platform fee of 0.25% per annum. 

More confident investors can select from 250+ ETFs that do not require commission and create their portfolios. There are no platform fees for the DIY Portfolio. All portfolios from InvestEngine are free of dealing fees, setup fees, and withdrawal fees.

InvestEngine lets you invest through a Stocks & Shares ISA, Personal Account, or Business Account. Capital at risk.


Vanguard, a low-cost platform for investing with more than 70 funds, is very popular. It only allows you to invest in its funds and does not allow for share trading. 

You have the option to either choose from a pre-made portfolio or create your own. Vanguard offers SIPP, Stocks, and Shares ISA and Junior ISA products.

Best Robo Advisor, Managed ISA (Do-It-For-Me Platforms),

Robo advisors can be described as technology companies that offer automated financial planning without human supervision. They offer managed investments, ready-made portfolios, and financial advice.

Robo advisors can be a great option for beginners or people who don’t want to do the work of selecting stocks, shares, and other investments.

Below are some comparisons of the top Robo advisors in the UK. 

Capital at risk. These rules apply to ISAs. Additional charges could apply.


Moneyfarm, a UK Robo-advisor, provides a personalized investment plan tailored to your risk preferences. It offers seven globally diversified portfolios and has been rated high-risk, including some ethical investments. 

Moneyfarm’s team actively manages your investments so that you can rest assured you have a mix of hardworking assets from all over the globe. Moneyfarm’s investment advisors can provide personalized digital advice that is free and confidential. You can also chat by phone, email, or visit your consultant in person.

Moneyfarm offers a variety of products, including Stocks and Shares, ISA and General Investment Account. Personal Pension is also available. Moneyfarm has recently added the ESG investment style to its portfolios. Capital at risk.


Plum Plus and Plum Pro subscriptions (from PS1 per month) allow you to choose from a range of funds to invest your money. Plum automatically calculates the amount you can afford and invests it for you. 

Your priorities will determine which investments you make. You could invest in technology, emerging markets, or ethical companies.


Chip has recently launched an investment product that allows users to select from three funds: Adventurous, Cautious, and Balanced depending on their risk appetite. BlackRock, the largest global investment manager, manages the funds. 

The funds are considered passive, but the Index Allocation team of BlackRock monitors them daily. You can use Chip to get automatic investments and savings through the Round-Up feature. Also, your savings will be eligible for competitive interest rates.


Circa5000, a UK robot advisor, gives you access to ethical investments. The portfolios are made up of ETFs from companies that aim to generate social and environmentally responsible solutions. There are three types of portfolios available: People, Planet, and Planet & People. 

Depending upon your risk preferences, you can choose from three risk levels: Balanced, Adventurous, and Cautious. Circa allows you to receive automatic investments through the Round-Up feature. You also have access to exclusive deals from many retailers including Oddbox and Honest Mobile.


Stocks and shares ISA charges?

There are several fees that investment platforms charge for their services. There are four main fees: the annual platform and fund management fees. The trading fee and the transfer-out fee. There might be additional charges depending on the investment provider you use and how much you invest.

  1. Annual Platform Charge: This is a fee that an investment platform charges for providing a platform where you can invest. This fee is typically a percentage of your investment or a fixed amount.
  2. Fund Management Fee Also known as OCF (Ongoing Charges Figure) or Total Expense Ratio, (TER). This fee is paid directly to the fund manager. It represents the actual cost for your investments.
  3. Trading Fee is also known by the term “dealing fee”. This is the cost for investing in funds, shares or other investments through a platform.
  4. Transfer out Fee: Also known as an exit fee. You pay the fee to transfer your investments from one provider into another.

What is a Stocks and Shares ISA and how do you get it?

ISA stocks and shares is a tax-free savings account that any adult can use over 18 to purchase, sell or hold investments like shares, bonds, or funds. You can either invest as much as PS20,000 in one stock and shares ISA or divide the money among other ISAs. An investment ISA can also be called stocks and shares ISA.

Difference between Stocks and Shares ISAs?

You can open a stock and shares ISA through investment platforms like banks, building societies and stockbrokers. After your ISA has been opened, you can invest up to PS20,000 into a variety of assets, including stocks, shares, bonds and corporate securities, as well as funds.

Depending on which investment platform you choose, you have the choice to select and manage individual assets (self-select ISA), or choose from a variety of pre-made portfolios (Robo-advisor and managed ISA).

Each tax year begins with a new ISA allowance (PS20,000). You cannot carry any unused allowance forward. You have the option of making a lump sum investment or regular, ad-hoc contributions throughout the tax year.

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