Clear Cache and Cookies Safari Mac

Clearing your browser’s cookies and cache will delete website settings, such as usernames and passwords. Some sites may appear slower because all images must be loaded again.

How to clear Safari Mac’s cache and cookies

Safari can erase all information about where you browsed over a specified period. Your browsing history will be deleted from every device with Safari enabled in iCloud preferences. Clearing Safari’s browsing history doesn’t remove browsing histories saved to other websites.

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  1. Open Safari on Mac and choose History > Clear History. Click the pop-up menu to open the Safari app.
  2. You can choose how far back you would like your browsing history deleted.

Safari will delete any data it has saved as a result.

  • History of pages visited
  • The forward and back lists for open web pages
  • List of most visited sites
  • Recent searches
  • Web page icons
  • Snapshots for open web pages
  • List of items you downloaded (downloaded files can’t be removed).
  • Websites added to Quick Website Search
  • Websites asking for your location
  • Websites asking for your permission to send you notifications.

Clearing cache is the same thing as deleting browsing histories?

This is it! This article answers the most frequently asked question: “Is clearing cache the same as deleting browsing histories?” It is essential to understand that browsing history and cache are separate records. Deleting one does not erase the other.

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How often should my cache be cleared?

What frequency should I clear my cache? Clearing your cache every other month is enough for most people. Usually, your browser starts to slow down and build up a large cache. Clearing your cache should be done more frequently if you visit many websites.

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