Did Lim and the Magnificent Seven Stop Salen? | Good Doctor Recap

Did Lim and the Magnificent Seven Stop Salen? | Good Doctor Recap

The Monday episode of The Good Doctor marked the final day of the Ethicure CEO’s reign of terror but not before she almost destroyed their careers. St. Bonaventure’s top MDs.

Was Lim’s “Magnificent Seven,” the one accountable in “throwing her bandit ass of town”, or is this a matter of submitting to an outsider? Find out in the following article.

In the beginning in the time, Lea and Glassman were able to convince Shaun to resign his resignation and resume work.
The best part is that there was nothing that Ms. Morrison could do about it. (What did she intend to do? to complain about the returning of the hospital’s de facto image-maker?)

However, Shaun was determined to voice his opinion in opposition to the new manager and his fiancée Lea and his friends and colleagues during an scheduled board meeting, regardless of the danger it could pose to his residence.

Salen In contrast, Salen was adamant when she realized that several staff members had joined Lim’s efforts to take her down, resulting in the firing of the former chief, the head of IT Lea and hospital prez Glassman -all in one drop.

Salen also attempted to stop Asher’s surgical career in its beginning, warning him that he’d killed one of his patients (see Season 4 Episode 16 “Dr. Ted”).

In reaction to the actions of Salen in conjunction with his new chief Andrews choice to accept the blame, Park resigned in solidarity with his colleagues who had passed away.

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Even Morgan who, earlier in the season, lied in front of patients Nira about her preferred treatment method to gain personal gain finally saw the light. Instead of bowing to Salen to claim Glassman’s clinic on her own the Dr. Reznick joined boyfriend Park and the other doctors in the board’s meeting.

She also spoke to Park the letter she written to Nira acknowledging that she intentionally did not reveal an experimental procedure that could have repaired her vision.

Jordan was also present at the event to show her solidarity, but it didn’t appear as the event was planned for her to speak. She had previously explained to her fellow second-year student Asher that, as an Black woman at one of the best surgical residency programs in the nation, Jordan had to fight to get to where she is. She didn’t hesitate to challenge Salen Simply put, she was exhausted. This was a completely legitimate argument.

In the final Andrews was Andrews who stood up to his untrustworthy girlfriend. After appealing to Salen to speak with Lim and his long-time friends come out Andrews gave her opposing research about himself.

If she were steadfast in her beliefs and carry on with her takeover, without rethinking some of her past indiscretions, He, too, will protest against her and she’d then be required to confront him.

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It was her short-lived relationship with Andrews which meant so much to her or the fact she was no longer a part of the team within the institution, Salen decided to end her suffering and halt the acquisition of Ethicure. Then, Park went back to work, Shaun, Lea and Lim were reinstated, and Andrews was reinstated as hospital president.

The only thing that was unclear from the ending scene was the question of whether Lim returned as the chief of the surgery department (presumably she was, considering the way Andrews being the chief and president was the subject of Season 2.) In what extent Glassman is back in the hospital, if she has returned.

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