D&D 5th Edition Spells – Frostbite 5e

Frostbite 5e

Features of Frostbite 5e Spell:

Frostbite 5e: The school of the spell frostbite is evocation. The level of the spell is a cantrip. Talking about the casting time, just like the other spells, the casting time of this spell is one action. Talking about the range of the spell it is 60 feet. The components of the spell are Verbal and Somatic. The duration of the spell is instantaneous. The class of the spell involves Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard.

In this frostbite spell, you can easily make one target to make a constitution save. In order to make them succeed they have to beat your spell save DC. You can use the different formulas to figure out the spell. The different formulas are for your spell save DC it is 8+ Your proficiency bonus + your spellcasting modifier. For their constitution save it is 1d20+ their constitution modifier.

The target in this spell takes 1d6 cold damage in case they fail. It is a disadvantage for that and it means that they need to attempt to attack it with a weapon. This disadvantage means that it can make the target roll two dice and it will use the lowest result to resolve the action that they are going to take. As every spell damage increases when they reach the higher level, in the same way, the damage of the spells increase when they reach level 5th by 2d6, and when it will reach level eleventh the damage will increase by 3d6 and when it will reach level seventeenth the damage will increase by 4d6.

Talking about the pros of the spell. It includes, although it is a cantrip in order to use it you need not to use a spell slot in order to cast frostbite. This is also not enough to be in the list of best druid cantrips. Frostbite doesn’t require any material components to use it. So you can continuously cast this in every action of the turn you take. Like other cantrips, the damage deals increase up when you level up and you can see the frostbite playtime throughout the campaign. 

It has a huge trick to target the disadvantage. In case if your target rolls a twenty and you also know that it is not the final result then the most likely outcome will be that your target will be a non-playable character. It will also be difficult for you to figure out the situation that might occur and make your character do.

Now here comes the cons of DnD Spell frostbite 5e. There are many better options than this spell, talking from that point of view where there is pure damage. We can explain this better with an example that eldritch blast uses d10, firebolt uses a d10 and their ray of frost uses d8. You can hit multiple targets as soon as you level up. You should know that frostbite can deal at seventeenth level is 24 damage. In this, it doesn’t require components in order to cast. You should keep in mind that there are three other better options to deal with a lot of damage apart from frostbite. 

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