Mind Sliver 5e

D&D 5th Edition Spells – Mind Sliver 5e

Mind Sliver 5e is a new spell from Tasha’s cauldron of everything. The wizards of the coast have delivered the goods and you can have all the fun with this mind Sliver spell

Features of Mind Sliver 5e spell

The school of the mind Sliver spell is enchantment. The casting this spell takes is 1 action. The range of the spell is 60 feet. The components of this spell are verbal. The duration of this mind Sliver 5e spell is 1 round. 

The attack and save of this spell is INT. 

Talking about the reference of the spell it is UA SAW 4. The class of the mind Sliver spell is Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard. The level of this spell is a cantrip.

While using this spell you come across a spike of psychic energy and due to that you drive a disorienting spike into the mind of one creature that you can see within a range. By saving throws the target must make an intelligence. 

If the saving throw is successful it takes 1d6 psychic damage and at the time when the saving throw is made before the next turn or before the end of the game it will roll d4 and it will subtract the number and save the rolled number.

When the spell is reached at level 5th (2d6), level 11th (3d6), and level 17th (4d6) the spell damage is increased by 1d6. Although this mind Sliver spell doesn’t fit the feel of D&D at that level as other spells do. 

This spell is good enough as it is a handy damage cantrip it targets intelligence and it also has a secondary effect. It is handy and it is a mini Bane d4 cantrip. 

You can also pair this spell with other spells and also cast another spell and shove these into the minotaur’s brain. 

There is also much chance of damage when you let your friend drop in an acid splash. You can also use this on your own and see the magic. 

Talking about the good side of the spell there is one interesting option in this spell and that is this spell works best as a combination of one or two punches with another caster. 

The feature of this spell is not damage. Although it’s the debuff to save the next throw and it really shines. You can save and there is an option to suck the spell ability and you can also drop before a party member. This spell is great to throw. 

Talking about the drawbacks of this spell they are that this spell is weak as compared to the other spells. 

I know that the damage level of the spell is increased but still it does not keep up the pace with the other spells or the cantrips. There are also better options than this if you are using this saving throw. 

This was all about the mind sliver 5e spell and I guess it’s fun to use this spell and it has a lot of interesting rules to use this spell. 

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