Does Marina Thompson Die in ‘Bridgerton’?

Marina Thompson Die

Although the Netflix show Bridgerton adheres very close to the primary storylines of the love novels that were the basis for the show The most important scandals of the initial season did not appear in the book written of Julia Quinn. It was the sad tale of the character Miss Marina Thompson, played by Ruby Barker, who does appear in Quinn’s works however, it’s much later further on and only in the past. Does Marina Thompson Die in ‘Bridgerton’?

To summarize: In the show, Marina is sent to live with her cousins, the Featheringtons after contracting a shocking “condition”–a.k.a. pregnancy outside of wedlock. She is living with an army soldier named George Crane, who has been unable to respond to her messages when she arrives in Mayfair.

Through the entire season, we watch Marina and her friends plotting an elaborate plan to get an immediate marriage with Colin Bridgerton or another nobleman to cover up her pregnancies, and Marina attempts inducing an abortion by using the aid of a homemade mix of herbs. If neither one succeeds and she’s required to opt for an alternative, which is a much safer alternative that pops in just in time of the moment.

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Does Marina Thompson Die in ‘Bridgerton’?

This is how Marina’s future plays out in the show and the novels. Beware: There are spoilers in store to the two first seasons of Bridgerton and To Sir Philip, With Love the fifth novel from Quinn’s pen.

How will it play out for Marina on the show?

In the final episode of season one, the incredibly down-on-her-luck Marina discovers the shocking reason why George hasn’t been writing back to her and why he died in combat. This news is brought to her by Philip Crane, his older brother. Philip Crane, aware of Marina’s pregnancy, offers her his wedding hand to protect the family’s honor. Since her pregnancy is now widely known across the Ton because of Lady Whistledown’s envy pen, Marina is forced to accept the offer and is off with Philip.

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Are we likely to have Marina on the second season?

Marina is indeed making an appearance on the show in 2. When he returns from his travels worldwide, Colin Bridgerton decides to pay his former love an unexpected visit. Although he isn’t thrilled by her lifestyle, Marina is resigned to it and leaves Colin and his dreams of going off together to pursue the blissful conclusion that they were stripped of due to Lady Whistledown’s wise hand.

We also learn that Marina was the mother of twins. And we can witness Philip and Colin appear to have an enmity at her displeasure. TBD on whether she’ll show again in a specific next season…

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Who is Marina in the novels?

A small portion of what’s described above happens in Quinn’s books The few portions of Marina’s story are told through flashbacks. We first meet Marina during The beginning to “To Sir Philip With Love which is Eloise Bridgerton’s journey to find the love of her life (here are more details about this in case you’re inclined).

The novel begins with Philip mourning the passing of Marina who was the age of 8, his partner who passed away from a fever after an attempt to commit suicide. Philip remembers Marina as being always “melancholy” when they were together and claims that she “did not joke or laugh.”

The show also mentions that she may have been the wife to George Crane before his death–rather than being his secret lover as shown in the show. There’s also not a mention that she was being the mother of his children. She instead shares twins with Philip who admits “he wasn’t a fan of her, and was never really a fan of her.”

It’s a sad end for a character that cannot seem to find a way to break free So here’s hoping Netflix will take some liberties with the source material in order to give Marina to live the (onscreen) happily ever after she deserves.

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