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Are you familiar with Dual, an American sci-fi thriller? Are you curious to find out the Ending? You can find the Dual Ending Explained here. We’re here to provide a detailed explanation of the film’s ending.

We would like to warn you that this article contains SPOILERS.

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Dual Ending Explained

Dual directed and wrote the sci-fi movie Riley Stearns on January 22 2022. For more information, please see the spoiler alert. The film ends with the clone Sarah killing the original Sarah. You read that correctly. Surprisingly, the clone kills the original. She was given existence in return for her slaughter. It isn’t worth living, as she is constantly reminded she is living another person’s life.

It becomes clear that Sarah will not survive if you watch the movie. The grim reality of the Ending hits, and people gasp in shock. Stearns played with the minds of the audience with an unpredicted ending. Many thought that was too predictable.

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In the beginning, both Sarahs decide to not fight and instead opt to go together to the forest. The clone Sarah sees the real Sarah and decides to go on the trek together. However, after the showdown, the real Sarah realizes that society isn’t meant for them both. The clone Sarah leads real Sarah’s daily life.

About The Sci-Fi Dual Movie

This satirical sci-fi film tells the story of Sarah, an alcoholic woman who is not related to her mother and is in a relationship. She discovers she is suffering from a terminal illness one day and decides to clone herself so that no one will miss her after she dies.

She overcomes the 2% chance that she will die and realizes that they are the only ones who can live on this planet.

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The Cast

Karren Gillan plays Sarah, Aaron Paul portrays Trent, and Theo James portrays Robert Michaels. Other notable faces include Jesse Eisenberg and Martha Kelly, Elsa Helena Saisio and Andrei Alen.

Worth the Watch or Not

You may be tempted to put off reading the article. But, I assure you, it is worth the effort.

You should definitely watch it because you would love to see the duel that occurred and the end result. While reading can provide clues, seeing the film will cause you to gasp and feel emotions. You can see the duel between them by watching it.

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