Everything About Alisha Bromfield Here

Everything About Alisha Bromfield Here

21-year-old Alisha Bromfield, 21, was discovered horrifically strangled and then murdered on August 12, 2012. The victim was an expecting mother. The murder stunned the local population in Door County, Wisconsin.

Who was the father of Alisha Bromfield’s baby?

IN MAY, Brian M. Cooper, 37, is found guilty of two charges of intentional homicide in connection with August. 19 2012, 2012, death by strangulation of Alisha Bromfield 21 from Plainfield and her unborn child, Ava.

Where did Alisha Bromfield work?

One semester removed of graduating with degrees in criminal justice and forensic psychology, Alisha was working at the same position she’d worked at from the age of 16 in the department for gardening in a major national retailer store.

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How far along was Alisha Bromfield?

If she did not, Cooper strangled Bromfield to death, and then raped her body. Bromfield was pregnant for seven months at the time and her baby girl could not survive.

Who killed Alisha Bromfield?

Surprisingly, the 911 caller didn’t attempt to hide his identity in the call , when he admitted to the murder , and was later identified as the boss of Alisha’s, Brian Cooper. So, just moments after the dispatcher informed police regarding the incident, the suspect was snatched at the gas station where he had used for the phone call. When he was taken into custody, he explained to officers that he had been there to attend a wedding for his sister while staying at Alisha.

He even said that Alisha was expecting, but there was no evidence that he was the father. He confessed to police that the two of them Alisha were having a lengthy dispute, and it looked that their relationship was over. So, in anger and rage, he killed her. In addition, he admitted to having sexual relations with the body following the murder.

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