Everything about si hun singles inferno that you should know

Everything about si hun singles inferno that you should know

Single’s Inferno contestant Choi Si Hun has recently uploaded several selfies of him on his Instagram account however it’s not his gorgeous photos that netizens have discussed.

Si Hun, the Netflix dating reality show star recently attended a bar where he took few pictures of himself to celebrate the occasion.

Si Hun’s emo-like environment and lighting make him stand out. However, the content that he shared in his post attracted the attention of internet users when the fashion label’s 30-year-old CEO wrote. “I would like nothing more than the best for you.”

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From a first look, what the author wrote could appear normal. But, in light of the ongoing controversy surrounding his fellow Song’s Inferno Contestant Song Ji A , the caption may have more ambiguous meaning.

In the past, Ji A, who is also well-known as the beauty YouTuber Free Zia, was dragged into a fake controversy when she was found wearing counterfeit designer clothing and accessories.

Many people are using counterfeit products in the world. Still, it’s an issue when a woman of 25 years old displays the extravagant lifestyle in the “beautiful and wealthy girl” image that Ji A promotes on her social media channels.

Ji A is often photographed wearing many high-end designer brand items that she claims to be genuine. After the controversy escalated, she later acknowledged in posts on Instagram and his Youtube channel that he apologized that many of his merchandise were counterfeit items .

Given the recent controversy over the girl he used to be a fan of on the reality dating show Si Hun’s caption is believed to be directed at Ji A who is facing continuous public scrutiny.

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Si Hun’s Instagram followers thought that his caption targeted Ji A, as the account @_ro_se_la posted “How adorable. @dear.zia (post) This is certainly meant for zia. Another netizen wrote “The Hun. Please provide a solid support of Ji A. Also, please inform him whether what he did was not right.” A different Instagram user, @stayawakeransom, wrote “Is this intended to Ji A?” Netizen @_seoyoon_1202 also mentioned in one of his photos a sad face. commenting, “Is that a crying selfie…she seems sad.”

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