Final Fantasy VII Remake prequel novel

Final Fantasy VII Remake prequel novel due to be released in the West this autumn

Further Final Fantasy VII spin-offs have been announced, and, at the very least, one non-gaming medium is set to arrive in the fall of this year. If you’re interested in more of the story behind the Remake, You’re lucky.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Traces of Two Pasts is a novel that tells the background story of two of the party’s members, Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart. According to it stated in the formal description, the two heroines sit in a circle in the course of the Remake to discuss their respective histories.

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The publisher and manga division revealed through Twitter it was releasing the book will be finally receiving an English translation that will be available on the 8th of November. Similar to the Remake, Two Pasts is also divided into two parts: one for Aerith and one for Tifa. The hardcover is available from a handful of stores at $24.99. There is also a lower-cost digital version priced for $14.99.

It’s not the only item of content that is supplementary to Final Fantasy VII Remake Naturally. Its DLC chapter Intergrade is a good example. It should tide players through until the next release. Regarding when the next release will be, We’re expected to know more by 2022. Yoshinori Kitase, the director for the first Final Fantasy VII, has promised “more details in 2019” about Remake Part 2. A variety of PlayStation State of Play Streams or Square Enix’s annual event would be an ideal platform to announce the next part of the plot.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake prequel novel

Traces of Two posts details the story of Aerith and Tifa before they were involved in the happenings of the FF7 Remake and includes new bits of background information on each character. The framing technique used in the novel is also intriguing because it confirms some of the things that will take place in the next sequel to the FF7 Remake

Traces from Two Pastsconfirms that the upcoming FF7 Remake will contain the same boat trip in the original game. The players go underground as Shinra soldiers infiltrate an unidentified ship to set sail for Costa Del Sol in safety. The conclusion of the FF7 Remakeallowed players to step out of the limitations of the original story to take a completely new direction. However, it appears that they’ll continue to make the same choices as they made in the original FF7.

The timeline in FF7 Remake is slowly getting complete because FF7, the First Soldier, shows the formation of the SOLDIER unit. In addition, the INTERmission DLC will reveal what Yuffie was doing throughout events in the first game. The game’s sequel Ever Crisis will give Before Crisis its first English translation. Traces from Two Pastswill help fill up the holes in the timeline as it will provide Tifa’s escape from Nibelheim and Aerith’s efforts to escape The Shinra Corporation.

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