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Fixed Pubg Mobile Lite Update Problem

I know what it feels like when your friends invite you to Pubg but due to some errors, you can’t enjoy playing with them.

Sometimes it’s because of the slow network, yet in most cases, there’s a need to update the game. With Pubg Mobile Lite, many players are facing issues regarding updates. To overcome this problem, I have a list of possible solutions that will definitely work.

Because of the Pubg Mobile Lite update problem, players are reporting high usage of the internet. A normal user gets 1.5GB of data/day which gets consumed by Pubg Lite during updates.

How to Fix Pubg Mobile Lite Update Problem

By reading the tutorial, you’ll be able to fix all the update problems in Pubg Lite. However, before going through the article, let’s discuss the major problems you get while updating or after updating the game.

  • You get an update notification but can’t update the game
  • The update doesn’t show in the play store
  • Pubg Lite doesn’t open after the update
  • You are getting many Updates
  • Pubg Mobile Lite stuck on running
  • Login Page vanished after update

Clear Game Cache

Not only Pubg Lite, if you face any kind of error in any app or game, you should first clear its cache. 

To clear Pubg Mobile Lite cache

  • Open your home screen
  • Go to apps drawer
  • Click and hold Pubg Mobile Lite
  • Select App info
  • Choose Clear Cache. If you have an updated Android version, then you’ll find a clear cache option in Storage usage.

Consider Repairing the Game

Before you think of installing and reinstalling your Pubg Mobile Lite, you should try repairing it. Repairing the game not only helps you in fixing the update issues but also makes your game smoother by resetting the game to default.

To repair Pubg Mobile Lite,

  • Open your Game
  • Go to Settings>Basics
  • If you logged in, log out your ID.
  • Now you will be redirected to the login page. There you will find a repair option.
  • Click Repair.
  • Now select only Routine repair and click ok. It might take some time.

Wait for the repair and restart your game. Now you will get only one update of 130-160Mb approximately. Update the game and it will solve the problem.

Install Pubg Lite from Renowned Sources

If you have received Pubg Lite via someone’s mobile, then there are chances that your game might get stuck or not work properly. Make sure that you only download it from a renowned store. 

By default, every smartphone contains its app store. But you also get Play Store on every Android device. So, you should only download Pubg Mobile Lite from the Google Play Store.

Uninstall and Reinstall Pubg Lite

Sometimes, game files get corrupted while downloading. This usually happens when you download on a slow internet connection. 

To overcome this, you have to uninstall the game and reinstall it. While reinstalling the game, make sure that your internet connection is stable.

Install VPN

Using a good VPN for Pubg Lite should be your final priority. There are hundreds of VPNs available on the Play Store that assure you smoother gameplay. You can install any VPN with good reviews and ratings. 

After installing the VPN, open it and choose your desired Pubg Lite server

Now open your game and you’ll be able to play it without any error.


For me, every Pubg error has one fix, which is “repairing the game”. However, you can try all these methods mentioned above. I assure you that these are the only methods you should proceed with in order to fix Pubg Mobile Lite update problems.

How do I download the new PUBG Lite update?

The best way to download any Pubg update is through its official website. You’ll always get an updated Apk link there. Otherwise, you should download it from the Google Play Store.

When PUBG Lite new update is coming?

New updates of Pubg Lite come every month. If there’s any pending update, then you’ll see an update notification every time you open the game.

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