Fortnite Rule Number 34: Codes Of Conduct Explained

Fortnite Rule Number 34: Codes Of Conduct Explained

Have you come across the Fortnite rule number 34 and aren’t sure what it’s about?

Rule 34 is among the numerous Fortnite rules that have not been written down and developed online to assist players in the game. In addition to the normal rules and guidelines of the community, players mustn’t go against these rules as your account may be banned.

This straightforward guide will show what Fortnite rule number 34 is, as in all other non-official rules players must adhere to. If you’re unsure what Fortnite rules are, we’ve included these guidelines in this article so that you are aware and continue playing without being subject to being reported.

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What is Fortnite Rule Number 34?

Fortnite Rule Number 34: Codes Of Conduct Explained

It is believed that Fortnite rules number 34 could suggest adult-oriented Content on the internet in connection with the game. Rule number 34 isn’t solely associated with Fortnite and other games but also with any other video game and is accepted by the Epic Games guidelines for Content.

It is believed that the Fortnite rule no. 35 has been connected with rule 34. If you encounter rule 35, it will inform you that it will work shortly, even though rule 34 isn’t applicable currently.

There are a lot of rules about Fortnite. What are the Fortnite rules?

Fortnite rules are an informal set of rules that have to be adhered to by players of Fortnite to maintain the culture of the game within the rules of conduct for being respectful in your play.

It is important to know Fortnite’s rules of play and what they mean to be sure you are adhering to the required requirements as a player. This will prevent disqualification as well as being penalized.

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What Are The Fortnite Rules?

In addition to Fortnite rule 34, primary Fortnite rules were developed to ensure fair and respectful play between Fortnite Battle Royale players. Although they are not written rules, they adhere to them, and if they don’t, players are required to comply with the consequences.

This is a summary of what the official Fortnite rules are.

Fortnite Rule Number 12

This policy warns players that the words they speak could be taken to be used against them. This is intended to force players to be aware before making their comments, whether they are verbally or in-game chat.

Fortnite Rule Number 13

Similar to rule 12, Fortnite number 13 teaches players that what they say could be transformed into an alternative method of communication, for example, memes.

Fortnite Rule Number 23

Any plans created must be ratified by the team prior to any actions can be taken. This could include an option to kick the player off, which method of play they should play in, or what place to play.

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Fortnite Rule Number 24

This law gives players the ability to join in whenever they wish to. This could happen during an already-running shootout in progress.

Although a player may be able to join at the End of a game with full health compared to another player, it has to be accepted with no resentment.

Fortnite Rule Number 30

The rule is designed to stop women from playing online. Rule 30 isn’t one that is followed since numerous women are part of Fortnite.

Fortnite Rule Number 31

You must be at least 13 years old age in order to participate in tournaments and invitational matches. If it is discovered that a participant isn’t 13 years old when participating in an event, there could be severe consequences.

Fortnite Rule Number 32

Fortnite rules 32 requires players to present proof of their accomplishments if they wish to claim a record-breaking headshot or record many kills in a single game.

The proof could be in the form of a screenshot or footage of gameplay. If you’re unable to demonstrate what you’re saying, then don’t make any statements whatsoever.

Fortnite Rule Number 33

The rule suggests that players refrain from making numerous comments during games. This is to avoid making insulting remarks and hurting other players’ opinions.

Fortnite Rule Number 37

Rule 37 suggests that a person has been through a less positive experience than you.

For example, you might lose a game because of a lagging issue, yet another game didn’t get their credit because they were removed with your Fortnite server.

This helps to make things more clear for users.

Fortnite Rule Number 63

This means that characters from Fortnite are gender-swap versions of themselves, which is readily available.

(Fun fact: We know that Fortnite characters can perform victory dances in the game. One of these is known as “Floss.” The dance was banned at one of the schools in Devon, England because they considered it a celebration of the massive executions of human beings within the game ).

It could be a female-based model of Blue Squire, which was developed by a different player and is online.

Fortnite Rule Number 64

Rule 64 warns players that other Fortnite games exist on the world wide web. It could be a different universe that is co-existing with the game.

Fortnite Rule Number 69

This rule number will be displayed in a game, prompting gamers to react positively.

Number 69 is available not just in-game but also on various social media platforms.

Fortnite Code of Conduct

In addition to the Fortnite non-written rules, however, the game has community guidelines that players must follow to avoid permanent suspensions or bans. The Fortnite Code of Conduct outlines how players are expected to behave in-game to ensure the security and safety of every player in the game.

What are the Fortnite community’s rules?

Community Rule Description

Personal Info You aren’t allowed to give out personal information. Only display names are permitted. Do not give your personal information too.

Intolerance and Discrimination Discrimination and hatred towards other people are not tolerated.

Bullying and Harassment Respect other players in chat or battles, as well as when you are creating

Impersonation You can’t impersonate a user. You can’t be credited for someone else’s creation.

Cheating and Trolling Be fair and avoid advertisements that use cheats or bugs.

Dangerous or Illegal Activities It is not recommended to engage in illegal or risky activities. This includes drug use, gambling, and phishing, to mention just a few.

Scams and Deceptive Practices Profiting from other players is not permitted.

Inappropriate Content Avoid posting offensive Content that could stop the users from having a positive experience.

Fortnite has provided the rules for community members. However, while they do not list everything, players are advised to exercise discretion.

What Happens If I Get Reported on Fortnite?

If you or other players get reported against Fortnite’s community guidelines and rules, Epic Games will take action on your account, depending on what you have done. If you have been reported because you have not followed their code of conduct, your account can be banned temporarily or permanently.

Infractions to the course of competition rules can lead to an immediate ban that could last for up thirty days. The exact timeframe will depend on the particular situation and will differ based on your actions.

If you are accused of something that isn’t grave, or if it’s the first time you have been reported, it is possible to receive a warning.

A ban on the permanent status will end if you’ve been reported several times or if you are cheating.

Note that even if you might be banned from Fortnite, you’ll still be able to play different Epic Games.

If you require help with reporting a player, go here to get a step-by-process guide.


In this in-depth guide to Fortnite’s rules that are not written and community guidelines, we’re hoping you know what Fortnite regulation number 34 is and all the other rules that allow you to continue playing Fortnite without fear of having to report to your account.

We suggest saving this guide to your favorites to make it easy to access when you’re looking to review the various rules.

If you’re having difficulties logging in to Fortnite, it could be a problem that is affecting Fortnite’s Fortnite server. If the server is functioning well, you can reach Fortnite Support directly by logging into the game and creating tickets.

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