Laren Sims Meet Larry

How Did Laren Sims Meet Larry? How Did Elisa McNabney Die?

In the wake of finding Larry McNabney’s decomposing body in a winery resulted in authorities uncovering several disturbing details regarding his wife, Elisa. It was not even her real name. ABC News ’20/20: Hell in Heels’ focuses on the way Laren Sims transformed into Elisa Barasch after she met Larry, who later committed suicide in what was thought to be gained from money. If you’re interested in how Larry came to meet Laren and what transpired after the two met, we’ve got it covered.

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How Did Laren Sims Meet Larry McNabney?

Laren Sims was born in Brooksville, Florida, in 1967. She was the third of three siblings, and, by all accounts, she had a normal childhood. Yet, despite being in the highest of her class, Laren dropped out of high school before graduating. She was married when she was an adult, and in the next couple of years, she was blessed with a son and an infant daughter with two different partners. In the end, she spent her life deceiving others and taking others.

When Laren had met Larry, she was serving prison time and used several fake names. Laren took off the monitor on her ankle and ended at Las Vegas, Nevada. She walked into Larry’s office and identified herself as Elisa Barasch. She demanded an employment offer in the year 1995. Barasch wasn’t her actual name, but that was the one she used to call her cell Florida. She was in prison for violating parole in connection with fraud and grand theft.

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Larry appointed her to be the office manager. Even though they were nearly 17 years apart, they started dating shortly after. The couple got married in January 1996. However, after Larry lost his license to practice law in Nevada, trouble began the following year. It was discovered that Laren was able to steal nearly $70,000 from the clients of her husband. Surprisingly, Larry continued to stay with her after she moved to Sacramento, California, to establish an office there.

How Did Elisa McNabney Die?

After Larry’s wedding to Laren, the family and friends believed that Laren tried to stop Larry from their lives. The way he lived his life changed dramatically. According daughter of Larry, she claims that her father was drinking alcohol and drugs because of the life Laren forced him back to. He was last observed in September at a show for horses at a horse show in Los Angeles County, California.

Witnesses told that Laren was seen dragging him out of the show using the wheelchair. After the incident, Larry was a no-show everywhere. However, Laren maintained her appearance. She was able to come up with different stories of the place Larry was and conducted business for the company, and paid the settlement money of clients.

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The authorities eventually began investigating Larry’s disappearance and discovered that Laren had taken care of his office and sold his property. However, at the time, they were only able to identify her by the name of Elisa. Suppose the police could find documents about her aliases and discovered her real name; they suspected that she was involved in some connection with Larry’s mysterious disappearance.

The police also found out that she was on unpaid police warrants in different states for various non-violent offenses. His body was discovered buried in a shallow grave in a vineyard site located in San Joaquin County, California.

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In the meantime, Laren was in the storm, but authorities took her to Destin, Florida, where she was staying with her teenage daughter Haylei Jordan. Laren was at the time going under an alternative name and been working as a waitress and clerk. When police arrived at her home, she appeared serene and stated, “I’m the one you’re looking for.”

Laren was then required to write a confession of three pages confessing the poisoning of Larry with tranquilizers for horses but, in a different twist, implicated another person employed by Law Office Sarah Dutra.

According to their confession of Laren, she and her friend were both involved in the poisoning of Larry. The two searched for an appropriate place for the body and then took it home to Lodi, California. The body was then wrapped in plastic with duct tape and stored in a refrigerator. Laren then laid her husband to rest at the winery in December 2001.

The shocking act shocked many as, at one time, she even set up an unexpected birthday celebration for Larry and invited his loved family members before canceling it at the last second. Larry had been dead for a few months when she realized it was.

Early the morning of March 30, 2002, Laren was found hanging from a sheet in her Florida prison cell. Laren, 36, was in the process of the extradition process for extradition to California when she was found hanging.

The 36-year-old was dead the next day, and in suicide notes, she asked the lawyer she had hired to bring a lawsuit against her former employer at the Hernando County Jail in Florida for permitting the suicide to occur. But, authorities believed that Laren was in control as they were in her medical facility, and the officers monitored her every 15 minutes.

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