How To Battle A Fashion Challenger In Pokemon Go?

Everyone’s favorite week, Fashion Week has started, and there are many different tasks for players to perform during it. Here we have the Fashion Week Time Research event, which includes some tasks that you have to complete including the one for which you must be aware of how to battle a Fashion Challenger in Pokemon Go.

Here comes a surprise for the players who are accustomed to seeing Team Rocket Members around but gamers will now have the opportunity to battle against Fashion Challengers as a part of the event. Your only concern now should be, “How to battle a fashion challenger in pokemon go”?

Where Do I Find Fashion Challengers In Pokemon Go?

The first step to battling a fashion challenger is to locate them. You will find fashion challengers at Pokestops. You can do this by looking at the cube perched above Pokestops; a trembling cube signifies the presence of a fashion challenger.

How To Battle A Fashion Challenger In Pokemon Go?

Since Fashion Challengers in Pokemon Go do not use any shield or weapon. So, it’s easy enough to defeat them. All you have to keep in mind is that you send only one of your strongest Pokemon to battle in front of them. 

Easy steps to battle a fashion challenger in pokemon go

  • You must first interact with the Pokestop where a fashion challenger is present in order to engage them in battle.
  • Press “Battle”, which will then start a battle between you and the fashion challenger
  • For victory in the battle, it is necessary to defeat the fashion challenger’s squad of three pokemon.
  • You can easily defeat them if you use your powerful pokemon against them and keep pressurizing them by blocking them from all sides.

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What Number Of Fashion Week Challenges Exist?

There is a total of ten different fashion challenges are available. 

Out of which 5 challenges are called Fashion Challenger Challenges. These can happen randomly at any time in fashion week.

The remaining 5 challenges are completed when you need to unlock a style icon outfit. These are called Style Icon Challenges.

How Many Types Of Fashion Challenges Are There In Pokemon Go?

  • Eccentric Challenge: Furfrou, Graveler, Blitzle
  • Quirky Challenger: Furfrou, Braixen, Shinx
  • Cool Challenger: Furfrou, Sneasel, Gothitelle
  • Sassy Challenger: Furfrou, Butterfree, Vaporeon
  • Slick Challenger: Furfrou, Croagunk, Obstagoon
  • Rugged Challenger: Furfrou, Kirlia, Mienshao

Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger Rewards

If you beat the fashion challengers, you get a lot of rewards which include Pokeballs, Star Dust, and Max Revives. One of the reasons why you battle a fashion challenger is that you get to unlock some special rewards which you can use in the Fashion Week’s Timed Research which includes pokemon like Furfrou, Sneasel, Frillish, and many more.

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Now that you possess all the information required to battle a fashion challenger in pokemon go. You must defeat the Fashion Challengers if you want to finish all of the Fashion Week Research Time tasks. And you have got the complete guide for it. All you have to do is to choose a strong pokemon against fashion challengers that will defeat them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pokemon Go Fashion Week work?

Fashion Week is an event that contains a Time Research Quest with the introduction of Furfrou and the chance to get themed costumed pokemon.

How do the challengers in pokemon go battle you?

  • Navigate to the trainer profile from the Map View
  • To access your Friend List, tap the friend’s option 
  • Choose a friend with whom you want to do a challenge
  • Tap the icon for battle
  • For the challenge to be sent, tap on LET’s Battle

Explain the term challenger in pokemon go.

Another fresh group of challengers is beginning to appear at Pokestops. In order to finish Research assignments and earn rewards, these NPCs will utilize strong pokemon teams that you must fight.

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