How To Beat Gothorita Pokemon Go? 10 Best Gothorita Counters

If you are planning to beat Gothorita in Pokemon Go, then you might need the right guidance to do this strategically and catch this Psychic Type Pokemon that is not too hard to defeat, but it is not an easy job either, so, you might need our assistance at some point. So, let us check out how to beat Gothorita Pokemon Go. 

To beat Gothorita in Pokemon Go, you must pick some really good Pokemon that fall under the types of Ghost, Dark, or Bug Pokemon, because these are the Pokemon whose attack can inflict double the damage than any other Pokemon will be able to do. Moreover, you should especially take care of omitting the use of any Fighting Type or other Psychic Type Pokemon for this battle. 

Pokemon Go is a game that involves battles yet is peaceful. This is because the battles that take place in the game are not exactly between the player but between the different Pokemon available with the Players who take the characters of different trainers. Every Pokemon has its own move sets and varying vulnerabilities, as per which it can be defeated, so it is important to understand everything about a particular Pokemon before you take part in a battle against it. 

If you are about to battle a Gothorita in Pokemon Go this time, then here is all the help that you might require to make sure that you are going to beat this Psychic Pokemon in your very first attempt. 

How To Beat Gothorita Pokemon Go?

Gothorita is a Pokemon that has been recently added to the game Pokemon Go during the content released in Fashion Week 2021. 

Since Gothorita is a Tier Three Raid Boss, it lies somewhere in the middle of the difficulty level of defeating it in the raid. 

Gothorita belongs to the Gothita family and is from the Unova region. The Pokemon comes under the Type Psychic which the players can easily evolve into Gothita by feeding just 35 candies to it, and through 100 more candies, it can be further evolved into a Gothitelle which is the final evolution of Gothita. 

Thus, we are sure that you find Gothita a great opportunity of adding another powerful Pokemon to your list. But, for this, it is important to deliberately understand the strengths as well as weaknesses of this Psychic Pokemon that will help you a lot during the battle. 

A Gothorita is quite resistant to the other Psychic Type Pokemon as well as Fighting Type Pokemon in the game, this means if you are planning to battle this Pokemon, you should definitely not choose a Pokemon against Gothorita from any of these two types, otherwise you cannot assure your victory at the end of the battle. 

However, there are certain Pokemon that a Gothorita is too vulnerable to, which are the Ghost Type, Dark Type, and Bug Type. In fact, these three types of Pokemon cause double damage to Gothorita which will make it much easier for the players to beat this Psychic Type Pokemon without putting much effort.

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Best Pokemon Counters For Gothorita In Pokemon Go

Now is the time to check out the list of some of the best Gothorita counters available in Pokemon Go, and having even one of them will help you a lot in winning the battle against this Pokemon easily. Let us, without wasting more time, move ahead then.

1. Mega Houndoom

Charged Attack: Foul Play

Fast Attack: Snarl

2. Mega Charizard Y

Charged Attack: Blast Burn

Fast Attack: Fire Spin

3. Mega Beedrill

Charged Attack: X-scissor

Fast Attack: Bug Bite

4. Origin Giratina

Charged Attack: Shadow Ball

Fast Attack: Shadow Claw

5. Weavile

Charged Attack: Foul Play

Fast Attack: Snarl

6. Darkrai

Charged Attack: Shadow Ball

Fast Attack: Snarl

7. Mega Charizard X

Charged Attack: Blast Burn

Fast Attack: Fire Spin

8. Mega Blastoise

Charged Attack: Hydro Cannon

Fast Attack: Bite

9. Gengar

Charged Attack: Shadow Ball

Fast Attack: Lick

10. Mega Pidegeot

Charged Attack: Brave Bird

Fast Attack: Wing Attack

All these Pokemon are a great choice, so if you even have one of these, ensure that you use it during your battle against the Gothorita Pokemon.

Wrap Up

Beating a Gothorita is not something so challenging as long as you are using the correct technique which is possible only when you know a Pokemon’s weak points. As we have already described everything needed to beat a Gothorita, we hope that you will soon catch one for yourself.

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