How To Choose Best Staff For Prisoner

Elden Ring Game Guide: How To Choose Best Staff For Prisoner In Elden Ring?

The launch of Elden Ring recently, players have a variety of classes to pick from in the game. Some players particularly like Sorcereries and Magic instead of melee combat. Therefore, they are ready to join the Prisoner Class at the start in the Elden Ring. In addition, the Prisoner class will need the use of a Staff during the game. The players must choose the most effective Staff to use for their character to play in the Elden Ring. Furthermore, players can equip Elden Ring weapons for characters, which will assist them in defeating a few of their closest enemies in the world bosses.

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How To Choose Best Staff For Prisoner

Glintstone Staff Glintstone Staff

The Prisoner class of Elden Ring, the original Staff, used to start is an excellent option for those at the beginning in Elden Ring. It is possible to use standard smithing stones to increase the abilities of this Glintstone Staff. In addition, it can also boost the character’s Intelligence.

Even though the Glintstone Staff does not provide special weapons or abilities for characters, it’s an ideal option for players who want to play with magic in Elden Ring.

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The Astrologer’s Staff

If players wish to build an entirely magical build in the first phase, the Elden Ring, you can equip the Astrologer’s Staff. Compared to its counterpart, the Glintstone Staff, this one has an improved scaling score and Intelligence. It is possible to improve your status with the help of smithing stones. If you’re trying to build character flex models and characters, the Glintstone Staff is suited for you. The Astrologer’s Staff is suited to build full-on magic designs.

When looking for other good Staff members, players must not abandon the Astrologer’s Staff too soon. When they first start quests, players will be able to take on a variety of regular bosses in the Dungeons within the Elden Ring.

The Academy Glintstone Staff

If you complete the main story’s dungeons and quests, you can pick an Academy Glintstone Staff to replace the standard Glintstone Staff as the primary upgrade. However, you will need to acquire this Staff through Thops; an apprentice sorcerer determined to return to Raya Lucaria Academy. There are two methods to acquire the Staff of Thops.

The first method to gain the Staff is to give another Glintstone Key to Thops. After that, he’ll leave his current location. After that, players will spot him outside the Schoolroom Classroom in the Raya Lucaria Academy. He will offer the Staff as an incentive. Another method to obtain the Staff is to take out Thops within The Church of Irith and loot his Staff. Many players might prefer the first method to obtain it.

The Team of The Guilty

It is possible for the Staff of the Guilty in the next game. The Staff is hidden into Mt. Gelmir within Fort Laiedd. The Staff is based on Faith as opposed to Intelligence and increases the effectiveness of Thorn Sorcery. It is possible to create special kinds of sorcery by using it. Due to its low demand stats and its decent buffs, it is the ideal option for those who rely heavily on Blood Thorn sorcery or who have high levels of Faith and Intelligence.

If players wish to upgrade their Staff, you must collect Smithing stones rarer than regular stones for Smithing. These rare smithing stones can also be used to upgrade bosses’ weapons. If players hold on to Staff in addition to weapons, they don’t require this unique item to upgrade the Staff. There is another excellent Staff in the later game.

Look at these options if you’re looking for an effective staff to use in prisoner class. They are also not easy to find within the Elden Ring. Players can also purchase Elden Rings for their characters to take on more ferocious dungeon bosses within the game.

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