How To Create A Business Account On LinkedIn | Create A Company Page On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the job hunter for the unemployed and the employee hunter for employers. We are sure that you have also created your account on LinkedIn. However, if you are looking forward to expanding your business or company, a personal account will not work. So, how to create a business account on LinkedIn?

To create a business account on LinkedIn, you must first have your LinkedIn account. Then you can select the “Create a company page” option, where you will be asked to enter the necessary details regarding your company or business, at last, you just have to click on the “Create Page” button and your business account on LinkedIn will be ready. However, it is not as simple as it looks, that’s why we have given a detailed methodology on this. 

We all know how important sites like LinkedIn have become for us these days. This plays a great role in providing jobs and employees. But for this, it is important that both the employers and the job seekers have well-managed profiles so they can attract what they need. For this reason, LinkedIn allows its users to create business accounts as well. 

If you have also recently started a new business or set up a company, then this article is for you so you can expand it through your LinkedIn business account. 

How To Create A Business Account On LinkedIn?

The procedure of creating a business account on LinkedIn must be a little longer but is not that hard if you are guided with the right set of instructions. 

So, here we go with the required steps by which you can create your own company page on LinkedIn. But before that, make sure that you already have your personal account on LinkedIn, and if not, then create one first. 

1. Open the official website of LinkedIn on any of your web browsers and sign in to your LinkedIn account. 

2. At the top right corner of the homepage, click on the “Work” icon next to Profile. 

3. Select “Create A Company Page” from the drop-down menu.

4. Now, you have to select the kind of business for which you want to create the page. There are four options: Small business, Medium to a larger business, Showcase page, and Educational Institution. 

5. Now, in the “Name” bar, enter the name you have given to your business or company. This will create a public URL for the LinkedIn page of your company. 

6. Now in the “Website” box, enter the URL of the website of your company. 

7. Select the Industry of your company from its drop-down menu. 

8. Now, choose the size of your company based on the number of employees working for it. 

9. Then you have to select the type of your company, whether it is a Public Company, Government agency, sole proprietorship, privately held, nonprofit, self-employed, or partnership.  

10. Then you can upload an image as the logo of your company, its dimensions should be 300×300. 

11. In the Tagline option, give a brief description of your company. 

12. Then, finally, agree to the terms and services by clicking on the checkbox provided at the bottom. 

That’s it with all the steps, now you just have to click on the blue-colored “Create Page” button at the bottom of the page and your company’s page will be created on LinkedIn. It will not take any further time, the page will be created as soon as you click on Create. This was all about how to create a business account on LinkedIn.

Remember while choosing the type of business, select “Small Business” if your company doesn’t have more than 200 employees. 

For more than 200 employees, select the “Medium To Larger Business” option. 

If you already have a business page and are creating this one as a sub-page associated with that, select the “Showcase Page” option. 

However, if you want to create a business page for any educational institution like a school or a university, then click on “Educational Institution”. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that you will find it easy to create your own company’s page after going through the steps we provided on ‘How to create a business account on LinkedIn’. Share this with your friends if any of them is also planning on expanding their business further through LinkedIn’s platform.

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