How To Evolve Charjabug In Pokemon Ultra Sun?

Three new Pokemon were added to Pokemon Go as of the beginning of the 2022 Bug Out Event: Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt. With the recent Bug Out Event, now you will get a chase to catch these ultimate three Pokemon. 

Now, these are the latest Pokemon in-game, but most of the players don’t know how to catch and evolve them. Keeping this thing in mind, we made this article for you. 

Start with Grubbin, being a normal evolutionary Pokemon, it needs 25 Grubbin Candy to evolve itself into Charjabug. But Charjabug is a special evolutionary Pokemon, so its evolution is not normal like Grubbin. Here in this article, we cover almost everything on, “How to evolve Charjabug in Pokemon Ultra Sun”?

After Charjabug evolved from Grubbin, you will now need to evolve Charjabug into Vikavolt. It can be evolved into Vikavolt by using 100 Grubbin Candy. 

How To Evolve Charjabug In Pokemon Ultra Sun?

If you are close to a Pokestop with an active Magnetic Lure Module, you can evolve Charjabug into Vikavolt by using 100 Grubbin Candy. You can view this prerequisite by tapping on Charjabug in your Pokemon Collection and checking the details on the right of the “Evolve” button. 

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Steps To Evolve Charjabug In Pokemon Ultra Sun

  • Get a Grubbin
  • Your Grubbin should reach Level 20
  • Go to Vast Pony Canyon 
  • Vikavolt may be obtained by leveling up your Charjabug in Vast Pony Canyon

Get a Grubbin

Finding Grubbin may take some time as there is a 10% chance of doing so on Routes 1,4,5, and 6. Depending on the path you search, you can locate one anywhere from level 3 to level 13.

Because they operate best on Bug and Water-Type Pokemon, Net Balls are an excellent ball to use to catch Grubbin. All PokeBalls will surely catch on Route 1 if you are starting the game.

Your Grubbin Should Reach Level 20

Grubbin is incredibly powerful against Grass, Dark, and Psychic-type Pokemon because it is a Bug-type Pokemon. 

Turn on Exp. Share, which is located in your bag, if Grubbin continues collapsing in combat.

You can also feed your Grubbin a rare candy to level it up.

When Grubbin reaches level 20, Charjabug will eventually appear.

Go to Vast Pony Canyon

You can evolve your Charjabug into Vikavolt in Vast Pony Canyon, which is surrounded by enormous rocks and grass. This is the final island you will see in the game. To evolve your Charjabug, you must be inside the Canyon.

Vikavolt may be obtained by leveling up your Charjabug in Vast Pony Canyon

At level 21, you can have Vikavolt because this works at all levels until level 100.

This canyon is the home of Pokemon like Machoke, Boldore, Murkrow, Skarmory, Lycanroc, Carbink, and Jangmo-o. To level up your experience, you have to battle against all these Pokemon. You can level it up by giving it a Rare Candy.

Important Points For Evolving Charjabug

  • Even having 100 Grubbin Candy, you won’t be able to evolve the Pokemon if you touch the “Evolve” button when you are not close to a Pokestop with an active Magnetic Lure Module.
  • On the in-game map, check for grey squares falling around the Pokestop to indicate the presence of a Magnetic Lure Module. You can touch on Charjabug in your Pokemon Collection whenever one of these Pokestops is around to develop it into Vikavolt with the help of 100 Grubbin candy.

At What Level Does Charjabug Evolve In Pokemon Ultra Sun?

Starting from Level 20, it evolves into Vikavolt from Grubbin.

  • When it levels up in a unique magnetic field in Generation VII, it evolves
  • You will need Thunderstone to evolve it in Generation VIII

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That’s all you have to do in order to evolve Charjabug into Vikavolt in Pokemon Ultra Sun. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to reach Level 20 first in order to evolve it into Vikavolt. After evolving these Pokemon, you can have fun with these pokemon, as each of them has its own unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vikavolt work well in the ultra sun?

Vikavolt has a special attack that is extraordinarily high, allowing it to inflict a tonne of damage to almost everything. Despite the fact that Vikavolt’s power is more frequently used, Raichu may have the speed edge. At Blush mountain, you also get a beautiful full evolution time because of the magnetic field.

Which Pokemon of the electric kind in Pokemon Sun is best?

Unquestionably, the best electric type pokemon in the series is the Zekrom. 

Do we have shiny Vikavolt?

Yes, Shiny Vikavolt is present in Pokemon Ultra Sun. It resembles a bug and has two mandibles. It features two robotic eyes that are yellow and an orange face. The entire carapace of the Vikavolt is dark blue, but the color of its belly is light grey.

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